Snowie'Bird, Oh, Snowie'Bird...

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  • AGuest

    Wheh'fo IZ ya'll, Miz SnowBirdie???

    Lawd, fokz iz gettin' al wurried up 'n heah 'bout ya'll, guhl, 'n wunnerin' wheh ya'll iz! Ah iz, too! Ah hopes al iz well wit'ch'all... 'n ya'llz fam'ly, chile! Ya'll prolly jus' on vacashun... 'o takin' a res, sho'nuff... but we jus' wantin' t'chek onya, z'all, guhl! So, ya'll HOLLA soon, ya'll heah?

    'N piece t'ya'll 'n your'n, chile!

    Ya'llz sirvint, sistuh, 'n fella slav o' de Lawd...

    Miz Shebbie ('n Miz Shurlee Dubya, too... 'cuz she dun axed 'bout ya'll az well!)...

  • ohiocowboy

    Hi! Peace to you Shelby and all! I talked to Snowbird, She is Okay. She asked me to tell you all that she misses you! Her computer is broken at the moment and she has been under the weather lately. She told me she will be back as soon as she can, and that she appreciates all of the well-wishes!

    Sylvia is such a sweet Lady, and I feel bad that she is under the weather. I can say that sometimes being here and seeing some of the negative things said here can make even the strongest person feel bad. It can cause people to become depressed. I ask for peace, LOVE, empathy and fairness from everyone on this board so that when Sylvia does come back, she as well as everyone will feel strength when coming here. After all, JWN is here as a tool so we can heal from our hurts, and not as a place to inflict further pain.

    I am sorry that you too Shelby have had to deal with your unfair share of negative comments here.

    Wishing everyone Love!

  • AGuest

    THANK YOU, dear OC (the greatest of love and peace to you!)... both for updating us on dear Sylvia... and for your very kind words. I am SO glad to she's fairly okay (I thought it might be her computer - she used to post from work but is on leave, so...). I am sure I am not alone in keeping her in my prayers.

    And, yes, of course, I will absolutely endeavor, so long as it remains with ME... to be peaceable with ALL. I just can't promise, though, that I won't stand up for my faith, my Father, and my Lord... or defend my hope... which I know you understand.

    Again, THANK you, and please give Miz Sylvie our love when you speak next!

    Peace to you, dear, dear OC!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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