Jehovah's Witnesses are Politically Correct

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Call this a really big deal as far as I am concerned. At the very least, a connect the dots moment. Below is a link on political correctness. (and in case you are interested, my biggest post JW challenge.

    The One Personality Trait You Shouldn't Trust

    The main point of this blog is that overly polite, overly politically correct people are not to be trusted, that there is always an agenda underneath, just waiting to blow up a relationship or business.

    Enter JW's. And me.

    All my life, I learned by imitating the elders and knocking on doors how I could relate to everybody. That's the one whole key to JW's, when you first meet one, they try to relate to you. That is the whole point behind the 'How to Overcome Conversation Stoppers' in the old Reasoning book. The one key technique is to overcome any genuine objection by diving right into it as if it were a pool.

    Christian? So are JW's. Muslim? Hey, you are monotheistic, just like us? Atheist? Can't blame you, we can show you everything wrong with all religions. (of course our's is the one true one...) Agnostic? Hey, we JW's are on that same road, sometimes we get confused about things like Gentile Times, 1914, the word generation. Sometimes, we can't find our own @$$ with two hands and a flashlight.

    That is why the GB, and most "company man" elders seem so.... vanilla. They smile with a far away look in their eye. Whether it be at a householder's door, or dealing with someone at the KH, an elder is always looking to relate, to put you at ease, in order so that they can influence whatever discussion or situation they are in.

    It's called Manipulation 101.

    Of course, we all know that, but I find in myself this horrific tendency to carry on with all the influence that the elders have taught me, to try and relate to anyone and everyone, at the expense of.....

    At the expense of me. Something I see in many other former JW's on this site and those I have met, esp when they first leave.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am me. But under stress, sometimes, I break down. I try to "feel" or understand what others might be thinking or feeling, esp about me. It doesn't happen to often these days, but it does happen.

    Instead of being authentic, I try and slice the baby in two. Instead of offering the uniqueness of me, I try instead to sell how I am just like everyone else.

    This blog has been an eye opener. Here I am, and most people, yeah, those damn worldly people, value differences. They actually like a more acerbic me, ready to give an opinion as opposed to meld with the collective.

    JW's are politically correct, not to avoid giving offense, but to manipulate.

    I wonder if like me, many who leave must deal with the after effects of this legacy. Always trying to relate to and manipulate others, instead of giving voice to the uniqueness that is each of us.

  • TMS

    I understand Jeff. lol Actually, finding common ground to build upon is not a bad approach without the subsequent manipulation as in trying to convert to JWism. It can be a bridge to whatever you want to say. Nothing more. Nothing less. Ok. . In my case, I became a political activist sort of accidentally. Admittedly, it was an extension of my moralistic JW bent because I wanted government leaders to be nudged toward honesty. Every single day, JW habits and techniques reinforced after 50 years a JW, 30 as an elder come to the surface.

    Yesterday, I jumped a guys battery in the downtown area while wearing a shirt with our groups activist slogan. I got an immediate flashback from the JW days of doing a good deed and handing a person a tract to connect the deed with the belief system. I also find myself a far better listener than most, a skill acquired at the witnessing doorstep, the judicial hearing or just hearing out a "brother" or "sister" with a problem in bygone days. I spent an over an hour today with an influential lawyer who wanted to vent about city politics. I listened keenly, asking viewpoint and rhetorical questions. He felt refreshed after doing most of the talking saying it was a welcome change from his normal "shoveling coal" daily routine.

    When I blockwalk with petitions, give a speech at the city commission or check with the Elections Director about a matter, I can't escape my JW background. If it were for me, I would never reveal my background. I'm embarassed by it. My wife is more forthcoming and will frequently reveal why such activities seem to come naturally to us.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that we were salesmen. We no longer believe in the product. But we still know how to sell if we so desire.



    Good Evening ATJ..

    The absolute worst,is being in Business with someone like that..

    (Although being married to someone like that would be Hell..LOL!!)

    I`d rather deal with someone who is easily upset,but trys to do the right thing..

    You spend less time pulling Knives out of your Back..

    ................... ...OUTLAW

  • sizemik

    There are a number of personality traits which are "portrayed" and lack genuineness . . . some even feign aggression and quickly fold when countered similarly.

    I guess the thing about being "overly polite" is that it has a pre-determined agenda behind it . . . ie; it's not simply to put you at ease, it's to put you at ease in order for someone to have their way with you . . . to get a concession from you, not to provide you with something. In other words, it provides a fake "lane" in a one-way street.

    In the words of Leonard Cohen . . . "When he speaks like this you don't know what he's after"

  • AllTimeJeff

    Speaking about the unexamined life not worth living.....

    I'm gaining on it.

    I didn't get out of thisblog the business part of it, but the realization in me that at certain times, I have matched the description of the politically correct manipulative personality. Esp in my JW years.....

    I try not to be that way. It has been a 5 year process to learn to speak my mind. The very first time I did that was my dual 'Dear John' and resignation letter when I first left. Sort of a cannon blast saying where I was at.

    For me, I feel some people aren't worth being polite to. Civil, always. Polite? Go out of my way? I still have over half a life to live.... I don't have time.

    Still giving this one some thought....

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