Independent Thinking and the Watchtower - Pretty concise little short , worth watching through

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  • sabastious

    Just bumped into this video thought I would share it:


  • ziddina

    Nummy nummy nummy nummy!!!

    Thanks for posting this!!

    Yes, I have run into that information - in fact, one source (and I can't remember which one - a Protestant website, I think...) stated that the one factor that caused JWs to leave their religion [more than anything else...] was independent reading of the bible WITHOUT Watchtower literature...

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Thanks for the video sabastious! Food for thought indeed.


  • steve2

    Cleverly composed and likely to induce headaches in loyal JWs. Besides, its central thesis is that Bible reading alone wil not lead you to the Watchtower's doctrines. Really? Tell that to the Christadelphians, Unitarians, Adventist groups and yes, even the now re-arisen Worldwide Church of God whose basic teachings are closer to the JWs than the more established churches - none of them repel independent thinking.

  • ziddina

    Bumping this thread again 'cause it's a good one!!

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