I've been wondering is meditation bad for a person!

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  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    I've been looking into the idea of meditation as of clearing some of my bad thoughts about my Jehovah's witness past, will it help remove all the crap that GB drilled into me, but it seems like a different outlook that I hadn't considered, and maybe open my third eye,lol !!!!

    Any suggestions or experiences would be most welcome.

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    Star Tiger

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Meditation, especially TM and it's ilk, has it's apostates too.

    I would suggest learning critical thinking skills instead, teaching your brain how to process all that crap methodically, rather than practicing putting it into hibernation. There is plenty of time for that later when you go senile.

  • Hortensia

    Meditation can be very helpful. It can help you relax, get you out of stress mode and into a state where you can review and reframe past events. No need to get involved with any group, just google "breathing exercises" and start practicing them for a few minutes a day.

    Look up "movement meditation" too. Doing some repetitive work while you practice breathing and trying to empty your mind is very relaxing and helps improve your mental state. I remember that the wtbts claimed that if you empty your mind during meditation that demons can take control of you. Bullshit. It's an exercise to help you learn to control your mind.

    One good exercise is to sit in a relaxed position with a notebook and pen. Do your breathing exercises and try not to think about anything else. Every time some other thought comes along, make a mark on the notebook and then go back to focusing on your breathing. You'll be amazed at how much mental chatter there is, and how it calms you to learn to control that chatter.

  • Jack C.
    Jack C.

    I remember a talk years ago on meditation. The speaker demonized it of course comparing it to drug and alcohol abuse. He noted that changing only one letter in the word made it medication.


  • NewChapter

    LOL---clearly it's evil. AND a fun game! Change one letter.




  • Rocky_Girl

    Meditation has helped me so much over the years. Once I blocked out all other inputs, I could finally hear my inner voice and make better decisions in life. You can learn a lot about yourself through meditation.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I became extremely interested in mysticism in college so I read St. John of the Cross, Thomas Merton, Thomas a Kempis, a host of mystic masters in the Christian tradition. When I became ill with a very severe illness that left me naar death, I was referred to Herbert Benson, Relaxation Response, which includes a secular technique.

    I decided to path together my own system. Since I am Episcopalian, I used the Book of Common Prayer and Lectionary. If I were very interested in a scripture or theme, I would substitute that reading for the Lectionary reading. I kept a journal. The prayer book had extraordinary prayers for those who were ill or in grave trouble. After the prayer book service, I'd read C.S. Lewis or some commentary.

    Finally, I decided to use the Russian Orthdodox Jesus Prayer. Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me" and repeat, watching the breathing. I met with some Anglican spiritual masters. I was warned not to do it for more than 45 minutes b/c long periods can trigger psychosis. I kept a kitchen timer with me. I laughed so hard at the 45 minute prohibitoin b/c it was hard to get to five minutes at first. Over time, I build up my time. When I reached twenty minutes, my brain waves changed quite clearly. I felt profound peace. My brain kicked in. I made connections and insights I never would under a normal brain. It was far better than drugs.

    B/c I was ill and I wanted to do it at least since college, I spend two to three hours per session. I did it in the am and Compliine or evening prayer at night. After I stopped, I reread my journals. Expecting to find drivel, I found very impressive notes. I am the last person I would expect to meditate and have creative insights.

    Yet as cool as the experience was, I find it impossible to do right now. My former church had a Taize service with prayer, music and mystic meditation. It was hell for about ten minutes and then voila-deep peace. Breathing is essential. If I had stray thoughts at first, I thought I screwed up. Everyone has stray thoughts. You just go back to the breathing as soon as you realize you are thinking stray thoughts.

  • Violia

    I have been told that deep mediation or even hypnosis is safe except for someone who is psychotic and or , schizophrenia. I was told it is contraindicated in those cases.

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