How Jehovah's Witnesses Meet their Match SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL article

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  • Eclectic

    I hope I do not repeat topic. I just read this interesting article here:,1518,775520,00.html


    "And since the family must expand, "many Witnesses naturally meet their future spouses here," says Uwe Langhals, another spokesman, who has been a Jehovah's Witness since he was 15."

    "There are passages explaining why nicotine is forbidden but a glass of wine at the end of the day permitted, why blood transfusions are to be avoided and why non-believers must be converted. At least, they claim that's what the Bible says."

    "Yet many of them are victims of this community, which promises paradise -- but for many, becomes a hell on earth. It's a community that presumes to have a say in who its young people marry."

    "Like many young Jehovah's Witnesses, Melanie has read a glossy pamphlet entitled "Questions Young People Ask: Answers That Work." It makes it clear that homosexuality is forbidden and masturbation demonized."

    "They are good girls and faithful Witnesses. They sit in the Westfalen Stadium and pray. And Wait. For Jehovah's kingdom. And a husband."


  • Eclectic

    Please, if you found your partner at an assembly, tell us how it was.

    I used to date someone I met in a post-assembly party (YES they exist and are hilarious).

  • Magwitch

    OMG! The name of the article should be "How can I quickly get my 17 daughter married to another JW?"

    What a stupid sounding group of people.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    . That's last sentence is hilarious, waiting on Jehovah's Kingdom and a husband. Hilarious.

  • ziddina

    Hah! I LOVE this! No, you didn't 'repeat topic' - I don't think you did.

    This article is PRICELESS!! Thanks for starting this thread!

    I really loved this comment...

    "I fell in love with a non-believer once but it didn't work," says Melanie. It's easier to be with someone who shares the same values. There are fewer fights and less conflict -- just more silent obedience to Jehovah. ..."

    Especially that last part about "just more silent obedience to Jehovah..." Conjures up a real vivid mental picture of a repressed, downtrodden 'good little girl, good little Christian, good little VICTIM'...


  • the-illuminator81

    Nice to see some reporters not to lazy to fall for the JW spin

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I've long been among women bemoaning available husbands. The Witnesses strike me as very sad b/c they sound so sincere in wanting a brother. Perhaps b/c I attended an urban KH in a bad neighborhood, very few brothers existed, espl young ones.

    The competition for the few ones available must be fierce. Other groups have dating sites, organize dances, and charitable work that also provides an opportunity to meet a mate. I belonged to a church social group when I was young. We had a yacht, travelled Europe, had a private gym, did good works. There was a balance of activity, including going bar hopping after meetings. Many marriages came of the group. Their children became members and so forth. It was paradise. Those sisters deserve men.

  • steve2

    Apparently it's even worse in Japan where some congregations are made up of fully 90% females. It would be important for marriagable male JWs in other countries who are unsatsifeid with local pickings to at least be able to speak basic Japanese. Then they can issue the following instruction when visiting Japanese kingdom halls:

    "All marriageable girls, please line up quickly: It's marriagability inspection time!"

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