Jehovah / Yahweh is responsible for mankinds inhumanity to man & beast

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  • smiddy

    If you beleive the bible account in genesis when Cain killed Abel, why didn`t Jehovah/Yahweh kill cain right then and their.?" An eye for an eye"!!

    Apparently Cain had no remorse for killing his brother and was only concerned that someone would come after him to avenge Abels death,so what does the almighty God jehovah do ? Why he panders to cains fear and sends him off to the land of fugitives ? The land of fugitives ? were their others ?

    My main point here is Cain was obviously a Phsy-copath or Socio-path in the fact he had no remorse.

    The fact that jehovah allowed him to live and procreate meant that he could pass on his genes and attributes for generations to come, contributing to the horrible crimes of the centuries to come. And remember they lived a very long time in those days,so he would have fathered many sons and daughters.

    So I beleive that Jehovah / Yahweh God is responsible, if at all he /she exists, is responsible for all the human /animal suffering that has existed since we have been on earth


  • allelsefails

    The God of the bible has always been more practical than moral. Multiple wives, prostitution, brother-in-law marriage (creepy), allows for HIS purpose. He needed Cain for genetic diversity and couldn't cut it short, I guess....

  • myohorengekyo

    He certainly seems to have a lower moral code than the rulers of our goverments today


  • alanv

    That 'land of the fugitives' is ridiculous, unless the account means he went to join his mother and father and brother Seth. There was nowon else living apparantly at that time.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The insane have used their imaginary friends as excuses for their bad behaviour since language was invented.

  • Concerned JW
    Concerned JW

    If God should just kill us instantly for our mistakes then that makes no allowance for learning from them. Then we truly are a lost cause.

  • clarity

    Hmmmm, if you had two sons and those two sons were playing a game of "sacrifice" out in the back yard, and they put a cute little alter on top of the bird bath ...........and one son picked some of your lovely veggies from the garden for the alter, to show his heart condition .................and the other kid was out there slitting the throat of kitty cat .....................which kid would you like better??

    Never could understand J's choice!


  • smiddy



    but so true


  • smiddy

    Concerned JW

    If I remember correctly Jehovah,when I read the hebrew scriptures,killed millions of people instantly,I dont think he killed them over a long period of time.


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