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    I find your thoughts about being anointed/god revealing himself to you, interesting but I don't want to derail that other thread. For those who don't know, I asked Lars why god revealed himself to him, making him a believer because of having direct evidence, and why god hasn't done the same for me (and others).

    Lars responded (I added paragraphs for readibility):

    SERENITYNOW: Why you and not me? When Christ arrives his angels first seals the elect, which is 1,440,000. So they get an early confirmation by holy spirit and by the "sign of the son of man" of Jehovah's activities prior to Armageddon. So they get advanced confirmation of Jehovah's existence. This might in part be due to the intensity of Satan's propaganda against the existence of God or the truth of the Bible, such as all that information about how old the earth is and how old man is and evolution, etc. Some of this information might be convincing enough to even fool the elect into thinking the Bible is not true. So Jehovah simply provides them with the "sign of the son of man" (Matthew 24:29-30) and other signs of his existence via holy spirit.
    Sometimes Christ himself appears to them, depending upon the need. So "why not me?" first has to do with whether you are of the chosen elect or not. As you know, the "anointed" among Jehovah's witnesses always claim that they know of their heavenly calling via holy spirit. So they experience something different and more direct than those who are not chosen of the elect/anointed. One thing they all claim is that the bible seems different to them and it seems that it is talking directly to them. I experienced that same sense, that the Bible was written especially to me, particularly certain verses. So if you're of the elect, at this time, particularly since 1947, then you have several things that confirms for you that God is real and alive. The rest of the world don't experience this but will when Jehovah brings about Armageddon. At that point, when Jehovah sends angels to destroy the national governments, which means killing off the people who serve these governments and reject Christ's kingdom rule, then they will have their own direct proof of God.
    Keep in mind, the elect are only 1,440,000. The "144,000" are the 1/10th remnant who are natural Jews upon which pattern the Bride Class is built; 12 tribes, with 12,000 from each tribe. The other 90% are gentiles who become king-priests to rule with Christ for 1000 years on the earth. God provides them with direct proof to in part save them from worrying about anything Satan has provided to fool the rest of mankind, but also because they have certain duties involved with the pre-millennial world. So that's why I have direct proof of God before others, because I'm of the elect. But not to worry. Armageddon will soon be here and then all the world will know the god of the Bible is the true God, just as he showed all the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus. We're hoping the millennium will begin by December 21, 2012, so if that's the case, you'll have direct proof of God in less than 2 years! LS
  • serenitynow!
    December 21, 2012,

    What is the significance of this date?

    And why are you of the elect? What makes you so special?

  • mrquik

    Geez Lars, what's with "We hope..." crap. You're of the anointed class. What kind of spiritual crumbs are being handed down to you? You must be of the loser class. Hell, I hope a lot of things happen. That must put me at your level. What do you know... I AM AN ANOINTED ONE! Kneel before me you pidgeons!!

  • EntirelyPossible

    Lars and everyone else that claims to have special knowledge are insane nutjobs that need to be locked up. In a broader sense if you think invisible people in the sky give you special knowledge and attention then you are most likely utterly insane and need help now.

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