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    To the Household of God and all those who go with... may you have peace!

    From time to time I am PM'd with questions the responses to which I am compelled or directed to post publicly. That has occurred again regarding prayer (how, to whom, for what, etc.). The following is what I was permitted to share with a dear one (with slight editing) to the latest inquiry, as I understand it from our Lord, who gave us a guide:

    First, you must go TO the Son... and ask either (1) that he permit you to enter in before the Person of the Father, or (2) that HE take your prayer to the Father on your behalf (plead FOR you). Either is appropriate.

    Second, when you do enter, you should announce to the Father that you did so THROUGH His Son and so are coming in that Son's name (which is why it is IMPORTANT to know the right name!). This means that you would say, "Father, I am coming to you THROUGH your Son [and give that Son's name]"... or "Father, I come to you in the name of your Son [again, give that name]"... or something to this effect. The point being, that you ACKNOWLEDGE... HOW... you "got in". By what MEANS it is you are entering before Him.

    Then you offer your prayer.

    What do we PRAY to the FATHER for? For the most part, ONLY the following:

    1. His name to be cleansed, held holy, sanctified (i.e., all reproach removed from it)

    2. His kingdom to come/be established (i.e., the gathering of the chosen ones to be fulfilled so that NEW Jerusalem is completed, which will result in)

    3. HIS will be done on earth (as it done in heaven by those loyal to Him THERE, by those loyal to Him HERE: New Jerusalem)

    4. To keep providing our daily "bread"... which is the flesh of Christ

    5. To forgive our errors and trespasses... AS we forgive those who err/trespass against us (so, keep in mind, how WE forgive is how we will be forgiven)

    6. To not let us be led into any further temptation (by the Adversary) but to deliver us from that one

    Why ONLY these things? Because the MOST Holy One of Israel already knows what YOU need... before you ever ask.

    But, okay, let's say you have other things on your mind... and/or heart... things that DO pertain to you and your "needs". Or others. Things you feel COMPELLED to pray about/ask for. THOSE things... you can take to the Father, yes. But you can ALSO take such things to the SON. You can approach HIM directly (because you don't need to go "through" ANYONE - no priest, pastor, reverand, shaman, elder, etc.)... and ask [for] whatever it is you need to, even if it's an answer to a question about spiritual things. Again, you CAN take such things to the Father, but why do so with mundane things? Why not approach Him with your concerns about HIM... and save your concerns for yourself to your FAITH?

    Even so, if you do go to the Father... for ANYTHING... you MUST go THROUGH the Son... and approach in the Son's name. This does NOT mean rotely saying something like, "In Jesus' name we pray." Why? Because such a statement is usually uttered AFTER the prayer. So what? So... you never really gained access, did you? No, because you tried to enter... WITHOUT going through him and in his name. So, you spent your time saying a bunch of words... to yourself! (Luke 18:11)

    If, however, to PROPERLY approach... through Christ and in his name, FIRST... then you are granted entry so as to come BEFORE the MOST Holy... where your prayer IS heard.

    Yes, there is protocol, dear ones, but it is not prescribed by God. Rather, it is prescribed by His SON... the One who LEADS us to God... and teaches us how to approach Him. Since he is the One through whom we must go... then it is within his perview to set the rules as to HOW.

    I hope this helps and again, I bid you all peace!

    YOUR servant, as I am servant to the Household of God, Israel, and all those who go with... and a slave of Christ,


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    The greatest love and peace to you Shel

  • talesin

    How do you spell Christian?


    I mean that. I may be a non-believer, but I admire you for your true Christ-like demeanour.

    The best way to show people Christ ,,, is to emulate him. Keep up the good work.


    Edit: you are inspiring, even to an old atheist like me, and I do believe in the power of prayer ... for different reasons, but 'tis true


    Good Morning ((Shelby!))..

    You do write some interesting Christian stuff..

    The "In your Face","Soap Box Christians" we get here..

    Could Learn from You..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

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