Any Methodist in here?

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  • onemore

    I have a few questionw

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  • Isidore

    Onemore, there are many factions/denominations that call themselves "Methodists". From the liberal United Methodist Church, to the conservative Wesleyans and everything in between. I'm not Methodist, but am I somewhat familiar with their beginnings with John Wesley and their doctrines.

  • Bella15

    Onemore ... I agree with Isidore ... do your research too ... there is plenty of stuff in the internet . One thing I have learned is that the Watchtower painted a dark light around any "denominations" apart from them ... they generalize the whole, but when you start researching them you'll find something different ... The WT claims to be the only way, so they make a big deal about the "not all religions bring you to God" or something like that ... but it would be beneficial for you to research all "protestants" denominations, starting with Lutherans ... and so on ... I emphasize on "personal research" don't fall on believing again what other people tells you ... do your own research and invite the Holy Spirit to help you.

  • Ding


    What specifically do you want to know about the various Methodist groups?

    Most churches and denominations have written doctrinal statements available, if that's what you're seeking.

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