Matthew 24:14 is an energy source

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  • sabastious

    Rewind to the Great Disappointment.

    The Bible at the time, at least where I come from, was very revered amongst almost any demographic. A real source of energy if one could only "explain it."

    I'd be willing to bet that Matthew 24:14 was used, as it still is today, as a means to measure groups that were attempting to organize and preach the Gospel.

    Matthew 24:14 - And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Questions that may have been asked about groups of that day:

    How many people do they have? What is their capability? How well are they organized? Is it even possible for this group to preach to the entire globe?

    You see, the Bible's Last Days Mission is somewhat of a mission: impossible and the advent groups seemed like they wanted to be Tom Cruise.

    They didn't like their lives, obviously, since they wanted to usher in the new world and get a lot of people killed. It's a desperate thought process to condone collateral damage of that magintude for any reason. That's why it was such a great disappointment because they had to go back to the lives they hated after their leaders were exposed.

    So a new demographic was formed! And business type people pay attention to new uncharted business demographics!

    To cater something to a demographic a formula must be created that is designed to entice it. So what formula would you use if you wanted to entice a "disappointed" demographic?

    I would find a way to convince them that they were wrong to be disappointed! Get them excited about the future!

    But wait! The "future" can't be too far off I have to remember these people are pessimists.

    Get them exited about the not too distant future then!

    In comes the Watchtower! They had been working on their "not to distant future" formula for a while then and they were ready to launch the product of Security!

    Their slogan could have been something like this:

    "Disappointed? Feeling insecure? Get security here!"

    It was something people wanted to hear so they took a bite like they always do.

    The problem is it's a FALSE sense of security. It's designed to cater to a demographic therefore is NOT real.

    Reality isn't a sure sell so most people don't try to sell it.


  • PSacramento

    I think that, one of the biggest issue with reading the bible is forgetting WHEN it was written and to WHOM it was written.

    It's all fine and dandy to take the parables and lessons to heart and try to apply them in our time, but we need to accept that they were NOT written for OUR time or for US, but, in the case of the NT, they were written for 1st century palestinian Jews and greek infulenced gentiles.

  • andys

    I agree when reading the bible a person needs set their mindset back to the 1st century, in the 1st century there was not an availablity of books, the gospel was preached in a different way, also today there are many different ways that the gospel is preached besides just the bible, I am more into volunteer type work, the non denominational church that I started attending has alot of volunteer programs to help out around the community.

  • Larsinger58

    The "end" is not Armageddon but the end of the gentile times, which ended in 1947.

    The "good news" is preached by the TEMPLE organization, which is JWs.

    So that was fulfilled in 1947. NH Knorr, then president, literally went on a world-wide speaking tour early in 1947, and then the "end" came on November 30, 1947. That is when the Jews formally came out of exile and were restored to their promised land to fulfill Bible prophecy.

    Who has "good news" besides JWs? Who preaches about a paradise earth and eternal life? That's very good news, is it not? No more sickness or death. Strange these passages are right there in the Bible but few in Christendom pay attention to them.

    Of course, the WTS is only the "temple sect" until 1996. That is when all the covenants end. The one with the Jews and the one with the JWs. Jews and JWs are linked together, particularly during the Holocaust.



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