Has The Watchtower Ever Opposed Shunning Craziness?

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  • metatron

    When - if ever - has the Watchtower EVER condemned shunning craziness? Let me post some examples I personally encountered:

    A daughter shuns her Witness father and won't talk to him. He has a massive coronary and dies suddenly. No 'goodbye Dad', for you .

    An elder avoids being openly friendly with newcomers he doesn't know. "They might be disfellowshipped" , he says.

    An older sister generously volunteers to plan a wedding for an engaged younger sister. In Diva-fashion, the girl finds fault with the arrangements and shuns her thereafter.

    A TM School elder has a heck of a time trying to assign sisters for talks because there are so many that shun each other.

    An elder's wife approaches the daughter of a family that is bitter against the organization. She says, "No point in talking to you because you aren't making any progress" and turns and walks away.

    An otherwise kindly elder - has no idea where his 30-ish daughter is, what she is doing and no interest in meeting her family. Her crime? 'leaving the "truth"

    Historical: Brothers in Nazi Concentration camps who shunned each other for all sorts of reasons. Also, the Gestapo has an easier time of it because Witness brothers - who shun or privately hate each other - betray each other in interrogation, as noted in records later exposed, after WW2. And you wondered why the Society occasionally spoke about sharing a cell with a brother you hate, in some articles and talks?

    And now, the finale: by encouraging the baptism of minors, they are setting up for shunning children in their own homes.


  • designs

    Oh I thought you were going to say something nice about Shunning

  • glenster

    They're against Muhammad's rule to have outspoken unrepentant apostates killed--they can't get back on the subscription list.

  • sabastious

    Mind control is easier when the subject's mind is in chaos or emotionally fatigued; any chaos will do.

    A recent Watchtower had a photo of a "bad family" watching a move called "Vein Love." The actual article had no mention of the Twilight series and the word vampire did not even occur once. I wonder how many families are battling with their teenage daughters over this? The daughters, and a small number of sons, are in love with this piece of fiction while their "God" is, for no apparent reason, attacking it with heavenly resources. The parents now have a printed image to show to their children that God does indeed hate Twilight. This seemingly harmless image injects anger and dysfunction into the family like a poisonous syringe. To me it looks like purposeful sprinkles of chaos.


  • NewChapter

    LOL Vein Love! Priceless! They should be pushing the movie since the vampire refuses to have sex without being married. LOL

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