Is this Stupid or is it Just me?

by Kensho 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Kensho

    check it out, I played with the band today (all brothers) at the Hilton resort by the pool, nice gig but the mother of a 12 year old came up and asked us to sing happy B-day to him, wow very awkward the brother she approached said 'why don't you sing it to him" and shoved the microphone in her face, she refused about 4 or 5 times and was very frustrated we would not sing as this is a really common request of bands. She was really put on the spot, so she did it and we just stood there, thank God the crowd joined in singing. When it was over the brother turned to one of the band members and said we should remember to bring the b-day music on mp3 to play when this happens. Like yo what's the difference? I don't fault my friend, what else could he do with such a stupid restriction put on the R&F by the GB. With such a harmless thing as recognizing someone's birthday- what is the big fracken deal. Wedding rings are way more pagan than B-day celebrations. comments please Kensho

  • Diest

    Birthdays are always a stupid topic from the Dubs....they robbed a lot of us born in kids from a good time. Singing the song is really funny because it is a song from the 30s i think....It has no pagan conotation and has nothing to do with John the Baptist getting his head cut off.

  • Wonderment

    Yes, Kensho, it is stupid, but that is what happens when we mortgage our mind to a religious entity.

    In fact, the bible points out that when a Christian can't decide whether things are right or wrong without the help of others, it is a sign of christian inmaturity. (Hebrews 5:14)

  • Kensho


    I agree, I always had a hard time with this one when my kids were young, but as a dub I towed the line.

    are you Deist? I have been reading Thomas Paine's essays, very reasonable way to look at religion and I think I have been an undercover Deist the whole time Ive been a witness. Recomend any good books or website on the subject?


  • moomanchu

    It is extremely stupid.

    God forbid that parents want to celebrate the birth of their child.

    Think about it.

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