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  • discreetslave

    My leaving is a big deal. My family was considered the perfect JW family. We had "friends" say the family on the cover of the new brochure Listen to God reminds them of us. What they thought was the perfect JW family has exploded. I have left and I made clear that I don't believe it is the truth. JW scandal.

    I had a tight knit circle. We did stuff together all the time. I can see they are determined to keep my kids occupied. Last night they took the kids to the movies. Today my husband calls and tells me they want to take the kids to hall cleaning & then have them hang out, they'll bring them back early evening. Thankfully my husband asked if I was ok with it. I said that sounds good it just kills my idea of having the kids clean up at home while he was doing his job quotes. Then when he got home I wanted us to do something fun together especially with the week we've had. Now I didn't come up with this until he called, I hadn't really thought about what to do today. He liked that so he brought them home.

    I need to counter attack by planning lots of family activities so that we're to busy for them to take the kids. They'll have my kids one afternoon a week as it is. My husband made this arrangement prior so I would have some free time. So I can't allow them to have more than that. And I need to find a new gruop of homeschoolers to do field trips and classes with.

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi discreetslave, have you considered enrolling your kids in public schools? With a little research I am sure that you can locate a good public school near you. By making new non-JW friends at public schools, your kids will have plenty of opportunities to make play dates with their new friends. After a couple of months of making new friends, going to birthday parties, going trick-or-treating, etc, I am sure that your children will not want to go clean up the KH, and you and your husband should be able to spend some quality time with each other with a little pre-planning.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • discreetslave

    Public School is not an option right now. Homeschooling is big here, the public schools in my county offer resources for homeschoolers.There are all kinds of activities and programs throughout the state. I just need a non-JW group to replace the previous one. Unless my husband doesn't allow this my kids will have two sets of friends to offer them a balance.

    Pre-planning family activities is key we've always been fly by the seat of our pants kind. That won't work now.

  • GLTirebiter
    I need to find a new group of homeschoolers to do field trips and classes with.

    Look into the "virtual academies" or whatever they call them in your area. If the school district offers support for home educators, there's a good chance there is such a group where you live, and registration time is here for the fall semester. We used a K-12 online charter school with our daughter, and it worked well. It's a serious program and a full-time committment, slackers who want to ignore the school-work in favor of "service" won't like it.

    Another alternative is a Christian (non-JW) home school group. I was surprised to learn that my next-door neighbor of almost 20 years is head of one of these groups. A good group will stand out by actively assisting you in exceeding state standards and coordinating the required proficiency tests, as well as handling field trips etc. The key is to locate a group that uses home schooling to provide a better education, not a group that sees it as a way to avoid it.

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