Rebellion Much?

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  • truthseeker1969

    One of my friends, a disfellowshipped person, recently started attending the Hall again.

    Firstly, he went to the convention and told me tonight that members of his congregation came and spoke to him and he told them of his status and they apologized and left.

    Any elderly sister from the congregation who has known him all his life came and spoke and again he said he couldn't. He was stunned when she said she "didn't care" and spoke to him anyway which he found touching. The Mother of this person did nothing to stop her from talking to him.

    The older lady (a wife of an elder) said that she and many others are fed up with the "hatred" being talked about and that if people are to be helped then it is nonsense the way things are being done.

    He then went to his Hall and was surprised at one brother he had known for years who said that he wanted to take his picture along with his parents since he had known him since childhood. Again the brother said that he knew he 'shouldn't but he didnt care".

    I think things are back firing to some extent with the shunning policy at least in this instance which is great.

    To me freedom from bondage was bought with the blood of one man and freedom has no restrictions!

  • TotallyADD

    I hope for open rebellion on this subject. WT cult has no right to breakup families the way they do. One spark can cause a great fire. Let's hope this one does. Totally ADD

  • sizemik

    If you bend the bough too far it breaks . . . or springs back.

    This is gratifying to see . . . hat's off to these ones for thinking for themselves . . . at some personal risk I would add.

  • luna2

    It never did makes sense to me to shun people long term. How does that encourage them to return? Its more likley to make them feel even lower and decide its all too much. I've known a couple of JWs who openly refused to follow the shunning least in private. I've known elders wives who relaxed it within their own families far beyond what the WTS directed (mainly because the one I'm thinking of thought of herself as just as good as an elder any day and made her own rules).

    Within the two congregations I've attended in my JW career, there was so much effort put out to recruit new people and virtually no effort made to keep the ones they already had, like the kids who were struggling with trying to grow up in such a restrictive religion while having to daily buck school authorities and the peer pressure of their classmates. It seemed singularly unloving to expect so much of these children, much more than most adult JWs had to endure, and then to throw them away when they ran into trouble.

    I think there are a lot of JWs who wish that the policies on shunning were revised.

  • jworld

    I think this is common. There was an older sister in my congregation that was considered a "pillar" of the congregation. She would make sure to say hi to DF'd people that would attend the hall. I have noticed that as people get older they become more independent. I don't think its a rebellion, but life experience that overrides the unbalance of youth. Really, the things that seems soooo important when you are young just don't matter towards the end of life. That is true of politics, religion, etc.

  • jeckle

    I would be curious to find out ; what is the wt's thoughts on if a parent would shun a child for 'normal disciplinary issues (non-jc matters).

    where I'm going with this thought is if they did then they are more batshyt then i thought .If they didnt then it prooves are point what normal person would shun somebody as discipline . If someone is has an addiction or getting coaght up with the wrong crowd (insecure lonely desperate ) that's when they need friends more then ever.

  • truthseeker1969

    Well as I said to one elder, at time of disfellowshipping a person is no longer considered a brother.

    Therefor nothing they do has any bearing on that person since they are not legally considered a witness so shunning can not be enforced.

    I am sure if they legally could they would ban people from the Hall such is the current hatred they have. To me it is deplorable to write in a magazine for public consumption that nowawdays Jehovah does not exceute people for turning their backs on him.

    However they forget that back then their was no reason for open rebellion as the proof was there that Jehovah through miracles was there and if they seeing those things rebelled how can they expect a people directed in ever changing policy not too.

    He gave me the usual he Apostle Paul said routine until he was asked who's word was greater, Paul's or answer.

    How do you explain Luke 15 where it is evident that God's love is pure and forgiving?

    Again no answer. My Mother who has beena witness for 40 years to this day can not understand the stance they take, this is a woman who could not hate if she tried and so shunning is impossible for her and she is known to be loving toward all people. she has a heart of gold!

    maybe one day, maybe they will get the point that more damage is done than good.

  • designs

    Humans are naturally nice and compassionate, they will revert to their natural state given the chance.

  • truthseeker1969

    designs... so true, and that is what I can not understand, why teach hatred when it was never hatred that made a person walkaway but rather a choice not to be a hypocrite and go through the motions.

    I was disjellowhipped in absentia as i refused to even acknowledge the accusation agaist me which has since been proven false and the cover up started. I was wlecome back but to me if the spirit said I was out then who am i to argue with it?

    I am not shunned and i do not hold a grudge as to me it is pointless.

    I get visits from elders more concerned about whether I said anything to anyone than how I am.

    Love does not keep account of the injury

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