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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Can anyone please tell me which talks at the convention are used for the new releases?

    I just cannot manage to sit through all three days but would like to get the releases.

    Many thanks in advance.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Friday-- Keynote Address: Who Are Preaching the Good News...... (brochures)

    Saturday-- release of new edition of YPA missed Sat, but I suspect Parents -- Shepherd Your Children....... on Sat afternoon

    Sun -- DVD Part #2 in released -- don't remember what talk. Either Drama or Final Talk

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Many thanks for that


  • WTWizard

    Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I was told by a JW that this year's releases are "awesome." I complimented the Borg for providing a pair of brochures for 2nd graders and preschoolers, and I pulled it off with a straight face. LOL.

  • Larsinger58

    I'm so totally bored by anything the apostate WTS has, I can't even be mildly interested. It's like touching something unclean to me.

    But it looks like I'll get stuck going to the convention this year. My parents are elderly and need assistance; both are active witnesses. This might be the last convention my mom will be able to attend, so I'm doing it for her, she's partially crippled. The past conventions was just an excuse to distribute apostate literature. I used to arrive early and insert my one-page flier inside the magazines and books the witnesses leave to hold seats. Of late, with the heightened security, I've lost my nerve. So no plans of "counter intelligence."

    I've always liked the people though. There's always that underlying tension of trying to find a potential mate, so many are dressed to impress. Hopefully I won't have to actually attend after getting my parents situated. I can escape and hang out in my motel room or go sight-seeing or something. Anyway, it's a chance to get out of town, which I seldom do. You can always look at the bright side. Staying at home watching TV in my motel room works for a few days. I'm debating whether to take my computer. I think I can stand being offline for 3 days, but maybe not. Right. Being online is a great time consumer and will make the time go by faster. Maybe I can report my daily experience and shock if I attend. Maybe I'll pick up on some subliminal mind-control they are fostering now.

    Keep in mind the WTS clearly knows it is apostate at this time. It knows Jesus didn't die on Nisan 14 and have enough information to know that the 1st of Cyrus must be dated to 455 BCE now, but they insist on continuing the lie going. They are opposing Christ and Jehovah knowingly at this point.

    Oh well, it's not a life's sentence so I suppose I will survive.

    If I take my computer I'll keep you posted.


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