Isaac Newton is an anointed Christian.......

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Did anyone else pick up the wild assertions in the DC. Henry Grew, George Storrs and Isaac Newton were part of the anointed.

    Friday P.M. – The DC , the post-lunch doze. On the platform, a quick fire question and answer session. The audience is bewildered, can’t follow. The speaker is going at lightning speed, reading from a densely scripted manuscript.

    Did anyone in the audience pick up what is being said? Is more than 5 or 10% of the audience following or even capable of knowing what is going on

    Why is this said? It is a blatant attempt to adopt the primeval slime of “new troofs” and make sure that no credit goes to anyone other than the infant NWS. Henry Grew was in the truth. There you have it

    William (?) was also included. If anyone picked up the name please post.

    I think this is a direct response to apostate research and speculation aired on this site, what do you think?

  • EntirelyPossible

    Did they just call Isaac Newton mentally unstabled? Did he partake of the emblems at the memorial? Did he go out in field service? I mean, for God's sake, the man wore a wig and makeup and had a college degree. No f'ing way.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It was Billy Tindale. The problem was that most of those were men of science and philosophers. They simply didn't accept a personal God as the God of Judeo-Christian mythology is not only a mathematical impossibility but also a theistic problem (he's an unloving, uncaring, self-centered bastard) and all of them attained to a specific religion the JW's condemn b/c of social pressure (the fright of men). They would not only be a bad witness, they would be DF'ed for participating in other religions and apostasy.

  • discreetslave

    It had been alluded to before in the past that reformers were likely of the anointed. They are trying to fill in the numbers so that the present one is insignificant since they are loonies who got baptized while still holding on to false religious ideas.

  • hoser

    we're just jealous of all the catholics out there and want our own version of the apostolic succession creed.

  • botchtowersociety

    Newton's insights into physics have earned him a place in heaven. But his ideas on currency debasement mean that he will spend several centuries in purgatory before he gets there.

  • GLTirebiter

    Surprisingly, they have some basis for saying that. There are many similarities between Newton's beliefs and what the Watchtower says. Though raised in the Anglican church, his beliefs became unorthodox. These included Arianism, that he was among the special elite who could interpret and find hidden messages in the Bible, and that God would establish his kingdom on a new Earth. He wrote religious tracts supporting literal interpretation of the Bible (his literal interpretation), and prediciated the end of the world--estimating it would be no sooner than 2060.

    In one way, he proved himself smarter than the GB--by setting a date long past his own lifetime!

    Yes, Newton was a brilliant mathematician and physicist. Talented though he was in the sciences, theology was not his forte.

  • Larsinger58

    Of the anointed? Is anyone going to mention the claims that he was a Freemason?

    Sir Isaac Newtron wrote about chronology and published his "A Short Chronicle" where the details of Neo-Babylonian and Persian history are found. Freemasons the "Illuminati" have a special tie to the popular chronology which they know is incorrect. So Newton and his credibility factor as someone being smart and scientific adds credibility to that fake timeline. That is, more than likely Newton understood the timeline was false but felt it important to add his credibility to the false timeline and explain some of the glitches.

    What is interesting is that you can see how trying to establish the phony timeline by modern Freemasons has changed since Newton. Newton, for instance, clearly represented Darius the Mede as a real person and recognized him in the esoteric histories of Xenophon and Herodotus, easily done by comparisons of what Darius the Mede did in the Bible. But now there is a near total denial that he ever existed or that he was somehow actually Cyrus (i.e. CO Jonsson). That is in the face of the "daric" which was first coined by Darius the Mede and is named after him. So I guess at this point, Newton is somewhat of an embarrassing and out of date reference to the phony timeline. Of interesting note, also, is that Newton clearly understood Darius the Mede abdicated to Cyrus after a 2-year reign while the Jews were still in exile. The Bible actually establishes this was a 6-year rule. Now, the WTS and others like CO Jonsson wants us to think the rulership by Cyrus was parallel to the rule of Darius the Mede and he is accorded no years of sole rule, which is just a joke, especially when you see how Newton lays out the timeline.

    So he is more likely an "anointed" Freemason than an anointed Christian in my opinion. It all boils down to whether he was privy to the original chronology and timeline or not? If he was in the higher echelons of Freemasonry, then he certainly would have known about the alternative chronology and the revisions.

    Anyway, it is interesting to contrast his timeline with that of Carl Olof Jonsson. That is, just to compare and note the differences, particularly in reference to Darius the Mede, who has been seen as a liability historically of late. He wasn't suppressed in the time of Sir Isaac Newton, but there seems to be a need to suppress him now. Maybe the issue of the "70 years" of exile has become the more recent focus and a non-existent Darius the Mede accommodates the new theories. ??

    One theory is that the "Illuminati" was then and now currently behind the revised timeline, for various reasons, and Newton was used to help validate it, knowingly so.

    My research even turned up a reference that knew that Aristotle and Socrates were lovers. Thus the boy-lover (eromenos) of Socrates in the revised history, "Phaedo" is really a reference to Aristotle, who with Plato and Xenophon revised the Greek history of that time involving Socrates and the Peloponnesian War, etc.

    Aristotle and Socrates were Lovers:


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