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    My father became a witness in 1973 , so just before the 1975 thing. My sister and I always say that the only reason he became a Jw was because he's as tight as a knats chuff and didnt want to buy presents at birthdays or christmas. I was 6 ys old and my sis was 7 my younger brother was 2 ys old . My first memories of the meetings was being bored out of my mind for a couple of hours at a time listening to some boring man droning on about god. I also remember watching some of the sisters deliberately making children cry so they could go out back and chat (even at that age) My mother was a good mum and I think she went just to keep my dad happy she really never swallowed the rubbish they spouted. She also starting teaching me to read from 4 years old and I loved to read so dad signed me up to min school which was ok as because I read so well and put so much passion I always got praise. We went to the book study at a family home of an elderly couple and thier 30y old daughter and they were nice but house smelt of cat food bless lol .

    Being a child and being JWs had its drawbacks as we were the weirdo's that could'nt celebrate birthdays or christmas . I was bullied mercilessly by the kids and the teachers for different reasons. Being fairly intelligent and reading at a level way above what I should have been I lost interest and never got it back(apart from history). I was bullied until I was about 10 years old and turned the other cheek as I was told until 1 boy who had bullied me for years started on me , I hit him once broke his jaw and knocked 3 teeth out. Noone touched me after that. My little brother when he was 5 years old like to take food from the fridge and my father asked advice from the elders. Thier advice strip him naked tie his hands and beat him with a belt . He took and carried out the advice. That scarred me for many years and I never forgave my dad for that act or the scumbags that put him up to it.

    My father was an MS and was well respected but not by my mother or siblings as he drank and cheated on my mother. He even tried to have sex with my mums friend whild she was having my youngest brother. He also drank and drove nearly killing himself 3 times.

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