Analysis! 4 UFOs appear at Phoenix Sandstorm filmed by CNN 06-07-2011

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  • possible-san
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The camera man did not SEE any "craft", he is filming the storm front only.

    If they had been there for real in the shot he would have snapped onto them immediatley and zoomed in and out and followed them in CENTRE of shot.

    Camera is moving so camera man is looking and adjusting the shot. This means HE DID NOT SEE ANYTHING UNUSUAL apart from the storm front he was filming.

    This means they are post production additions and are fake.

  • sizemik

    Interesting video possible . . .

    As a trained small aircraft pilot . . . here's my take on it . . .

    The objects are very likely light aircraft for the following reasons;

    1. The speed they are travelling. The dust storm was travelling at 60 mph . . . the craft were travelling slightly faster (maybe 30-40 mph faster). This would put the speed of the craft at around 90-100 mph . . . a similar cruising speed to light aircraft.

    2. They are flying out of and ahead of the dust . . . as if caught out by it's arrival, and probably unable to access their point of origin. Flying to the side to escape it's path or to access a suitable landing site.

    3. The poor resolution of the video tends to mask the shape. The air ahead of the storm is also hazy. Light reflecting from a metallic surface will appear orb-like from a distance.

    4. The following video shows a close-up shot which is very revealing. In the close up, before the "lights to either side" appear, if you look closely you can see a feint flashing of wing navigation lights. The brightening of the "lights to either side" immediately before moving out of frame, are the wing surfaces momentarily reflecting sunlight as the aircraft changes angle in relation to the camera . . . check it out

  • james_woods

    The sandstorm was obviously kicked up by four Cessna 172s.

  • sizemik

    Close enough James LOL . . . although I believe the close up is low-wing with retractable gear . . . probably Piper Arrow or similar. Also, there is only ever two aircraft in any shot . . . the video looks like a repeat of the same two aircraft. A couple of Pilots with their hearts in their mouths I suspect.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Airplanes, and the last ones coming in before the cancellations started that evening.

    I could taste the dust in our apartment.

  • possible-san

    Hello, everybody.
    Thank you for your comments.

    Well, this thread is in the category "Entertainment."
    Isn't there any person who says as a joke, "Wow, these are UFOs clearly" ? LOL

    First of all, the "UFO" means an "Unidentified Flying Object."
    (Those are not "flying saucers")


  • sizemik

    "Wow, these are UFOs clearly"

    Is this not a self-contradiction possible? . . . a paradox?

    Something "clearly" unidentifiable is certainly in the joke category!

    And yes, I agree . . . a flying saucer is not a UFO . . . it has been "identified" as a flying saucer LOL

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