vaguelyinteresting - catholic youth festival -spain

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  • wantarevolution

    visiting madrid this week, heard an intersiting bit of "theocratic warfare" that'll be going on this summer during the popes visit for the youth festival.

    Witnesses from various halls, both english and spanish are being trained to infultrate the youth conventions to ask "what's going on" and then offer watchtowers/awakes about jesus.

    there are training sessions at the bethel in torrejon - i have heard this first hand. it is only known about by maybe 30 or 40 brothers under 26 in various halls

    I will try and get to one while here on holiday

  • dgp

    You mean they are going to commit spiritual fornication? In those "festivals" there are always masses.

  • Sulla

    Yeah, 'cause the young folk who go to World Youth Day to see the Pope are really receptive to the JW's Catholic-bashing magazines. And with Spaniards, frankly, they'll be lucky to escape with all their limbs attached.

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