God's stuff hasn't happened for 200 yrs it's more likely to be Aliens

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  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    Greetings, This might seem like a mad thread, but given that end of the world via God scenarios have been about since Jesus time and all failed shouldn't we all get locked and loaded with our privately bought M60's and M2 Browning's and look to the sky and defend ourselves against the real threat Alien's!!!! Sorry about the joke thread, I've just watched Battle LA! O n a serious note what would happen if an alien invasion was about to take place, would we all be expected to take a neutral stance or would the God of the Bible tell his other sons to F**k off, lol! Best Regards, Star Tiger
  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    Hello again,

    Sorry I meant 2000 years!!!!

  • sinis

    Read the ancient texts, who really were the gods? Funny how every culture says that the "gods" will return... aliens may not be that far from the truth.

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    Hi Sinis,

    That's what I thought, lol!!

    Cheers Buddy

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