Biblical expertise of the GB and WT writing committees?

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  • IsaacJ22

    I was just wondering if I'm correct about something; namely, that the Society's leaders don't appear to know much about the Bible from a secular, scholarly, or historical perspective.

    I've seen quotes posted here where they claim you don't need to be an expert to interpret the Bible's true meaning. That's not exactly encouraging. But does anyone know much about their real world, practical knowledge of the Bible from a non-religious perspective?

    Many JWs seem to believe the GB and even the writing committees are experts on the subject. But if this is true, I can't say that their writings reflect it very much. At best, they seem like amatuers who inject bits and pieces of stuff they've read here or there into their own writings. Sometimes, their articles seem unintentionally ironic, but only if you know something about the subject at hand beyond what they teach.

    Any thoughts, or even real knowledge, on the subject of their expertise?

  • wobble

    They have NEVER had a recognised scholar in any of the biblical fields on the payroll.

    They are unbelievably unqualified to pontificate on what the bible means.

    They are very clever at using words to suit their purpose of keeping the R&F JW's working hard and living in thrall to the Governing Body.

  • IsaacJ22


    That's kinda what I thought, too. :-)

    I had to ask in case I was wrong about their lack of qualifications. Though even then, I don't think I'd be wrong about any of the other things I said.

  • godrulz

    The fact that they are afraid to reveal who translated NWT (now well known thanks to insiders/counter-cult ministries) tells of their lack of credibility/credentials. They use Christendom's commentaries, obscure sources, misquote them, distort them, etc., but do not have good thinkers, scholars, researchers themselves (Mormon apologetics is on a higher level, though still wrong). When someone does think correctly, independently, scholarly, they get disfellowshipped?! Conservative Christian scholarship is light years ahead (that's why GB peeks at it, but is too traditional to change even when wrong). Listening to Losch's GB Convention talk showed me how clueless their exegesis is (I fear for those who think these guys are biblical scholars, let alone students). Most people in my former Bible College can exegete better than most WT writers though the years. The flip flops and changing doctrines on basic things like Rom. 13 also show their inadequacy.

  • aristeas

    They probably feel that they are like the fishermen of Galilee, uneducated and all that (John's gospel, Acts—sorry don't have chapter and verse handy) but nonetheless chosen by God. After all, it WAS the Jewish intelligentsia of the first century who opposed Jesus and the earliest Christians. The former WERE the biblical scholars of the day. It seems the stress the GB and writing department members put on things is moral more than mental, whereas the (often) secular scholarly element who controls biblical scholarship today emphasizes critical thinking, a long-term academic education, and so on. Unless they're Evangelicals or of similar stripe (and these don't number many in real scholarship), they don't really care much for the Bible's morality.

    My two cents for what they're worth...

  • Ding

    Those brothers are far too spiritual to have worldly credentials.

    They are far too humble to disclose their background and training.

    Remember when that made sense to you???

  • godrulz

    It is both heart and head, not either/or. Anti-intellectualism is one reason cults flourish. Jesus was not a dummy and Paul was chosen partly because of his background and soaring intellect. We are to love God with heart, mind, and soul. Since WT is right to say that Jn. 1:1 translation means our salvation, we need the best scholarship (destinies are at stake) to settle God vs a god issues. WT scholarship is pseudo-scholarship, shoddy, a reflection of the people at the top who value control more than truth. There is more than enough refutation out there to bring WT down, but they want to censure it, discourage thinking, blind trust to protect their empire. Those in the know say that some on GB do not even believe half the stuff, yet expect the rank and file to follow it with threats of loss of Paradise!? I would not want to be in their shoes on judgment day (I also think there will be culpability for the average JW who influences people to accept this and enables the whole thing to the ruin of lives, souls, families).

  • Wonderment

    What many don't seem to realize when the subject of WT writers comes up is that there is a dichotomy (division of two parts) between the Governing Body (GB) and the actual Writing Staff. Most GB members are not scholars per se, though some participe as contributors in some articles. The bulk though is done by the Writing Staff which is composed of better abled writers .

    However, the Writing Staff is severely handicapped by the GB. Otherwise, we would see more scholarly articles. There are some within the Writing Staff competent enough for that. But the GB don't let them work to their potential. It's all about control, more than trying to impress the world with their info.

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