Today I have been (inadvertantly) Dub-spotting

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  • mummatron

    Well, it's the big DC this weekend in the city nearest me. My old congo will be there as they're based about 80 miles away. Found out from my Dad that my Mum is going but that he is not. I'm really starting to think that there's a lot more to his inactivity, but that's another (long) story for another day.

    Anyways, I was out today with my family and had to stop off at a Morrisons supermarket, just under 6 miles away from where the convention was being held, at around 6pm this evening and couldn't help but notice a few stereotypical JWs. One particularly obvious one was mid 30's Mum in floral floor length dress and short-sleeved linen jacket, son called Jacob approx 7 years old in a Next 3-piece smart outfit, plus an elderly sister in a full length wool coat (it was quite hot, so that just screams of being sat in a drafty stadium in the shade all day!) who they were obviously giving a lift to and was tagging along begrudgingly. They had bags of stuff to make their packed lunches for Sunday. I didn't notice any convention badges on anyone but it was SO obvious to me who they were and where they'd just come from.

  • afreeman

    Isn't that what the Watchtower wants? People who are easily distinguishable. Just a marketing device.

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