Will my cong inform my old cong in another country if I get DF'd?

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  • oldlightnewshite

    I emigrated to another country 10 years ago and did my fade. If I decide to get myself DF'd (by telling the next elder who visits me to "go and do one") is it likely they'll send a letter to my old congregation to tell them the news? I'm from the UK but am living in a non-English speaking country. I'm just a bit worried they'll spoil things for me, as I have some family still 'in'. My current PO has written to my old cong in the past, and has their details still.

    I still get the encouragement visits even after 10 years, but just avoid them and don't answer the door. They still greet me in the street, and around town etc, but I just want to tell them to get lost, coz it gets on my nerves.

    Thanks chaps,

  • Gayle

    Can you move to another part of town or a nearby town where no JWs know you?

    If you step it up to "official D/A," or even just verbal, that PO could report back to the UK cong.

  • BluesBrother

    After 10 years residence ? it is down to the initiative of the local secretary but I think it is unlikely..

  • shopaholic

    If he's written to them in the past, then he its very likely he will inform your prior congregation that you were df'd. If you had moved back to the UK and got Df'd, they would most likely not inform the congregation in the non-English speaking country.

  • truthseeker1969

    The UK congregation would have to inform you that they were informing another congregation of your status.

    They are forbidden under the Data Protection Act of releasing information about you without your consent, that doesn't mean they wont sneak around it.

    Case at the moment in the UK which could go to court is a branch office informing a congregation in the US ( an non entitled country under the act) of a Brothers status which is forbidden in law.

    Not sure of all the details but supposedly and Elder informed the Brother that his status was confirmed through a phone call from the UK or Ireland and by simply saying that the Elder had notified the Brother that the data protection act had been breached.

    So I would check the act to see if there is a way of stopping any information going out about you.

    if there is not pressure being put on you at the moment by the Elders just let the situation be as at this time they have nothing on you to df you or anything else.

  • oldlightnewshite

    My new country of residence in europe enforces the data protection act. One thought I've had since writing this is, will my being in limbo (a non-active publisher, not Df'd) bugger up the WT$'s data? Oh how they love their numbers and stats. If so, RESULT! I'll carry on being an undead/muggle for evermore.

    I'll just have to smile, nod, and tell them to feck off in my head.

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