Jehovah's Witnesses Should Be Expelled From The US According To a Blogger

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  • Bangalore

    Jehovah's Witnesses Should Be Expelled From The US According To a Blogger.


  • wobble

    I've seen this guy before, I think it is quite well done, a bit tongue in cheek, not full of bile, and could make an active dub think, if such a thing is possible, it certainly does a good job of alerting the public to what a wacky, far out cult they are !

    I don't know how immigration to the USA works exactly, but surely if you want citizenship, you would have to swear some sort of allegience ?

    Would J.W's qualify if they outlined their beleifs as they truly are ? I doubt it, so he has a point , Expel them !!

  • Bangalore

    If we expel them, which country would take them?


  • designs


  • WTWizard

    I think the leaders should be expelled, perhaps to Nigeria where they seem to be courting people to become witlesses. As for those caught up in the scam, most were either born in and are afraid that they will lose too much if they blow out or were recruited during the Big Push between 1968 and 1993, when it was possible to actually recruit people from the field. Either way, they are afraid that, if they look at anything that exposes their religion, that Satan will be happy.

    I do think restrictions should be placed on immigrants of religions that seek to indoctrinate the local population. People who are in missionary work spreading this known cancer should be deported, for sure. And, if someone immigrates to another country (including this one), and proceeds to scam people into the cancer (especially if they are hiding crimes like pedophiles within the congregation), they should be deported and imprisoned. But, I think education is the best weapon against the cancer--educating the public through a trusted medium will help prevent many from being recruited.

  • designs

    I'm surprised the GB isn't for Immigration Reform, they stand to lose half of their Mexican born illegal immigrant Servant Bodies here.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Anyone can write a blog. Imagine if it were banned in my day. Unfortunately, the blogger hasn't read his U.S. Constitution sufficiently to read the First Amendment. Banning will never be an answer. Public relations work, such as this site, is the answer. The more people here carry the message that it is a cult, rather than bizarre doctrine, the more the general public will have notice as to what is involved with a knock on a door.

  • Gayle

    And here the WTS "expel" tens of thousands annually. Seems to work for them, for their control.

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