What Online Dating Can Teach You!

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  • shamus100

    Thank you.



  • metatron

    (oh, how I hate mouse pads on laptops!)

    Anyway, if you have been tempted to involve yourself in online dating sites................ well, they can be a revelation. How so?

    You see, you may end up examining all these prospective partners and being dissatisfied. "Why aren't they kinder, more loving, more generous and much nicer?"

    And then it hits you........

    Oh, crap! This involves Matching !!!!!!!!!!!! That means if I'm an a$$hole, then they are too! Arghhhhhhh!

    Now, you didn't think this stuff could be a 'spiritual' experience..... but it can be!

    I have resolved to be much nicer.


  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Sounds like somoene's be gettin some ... .... skool-in.


  • Sharpie

    I've dated someone from a online dating website, went for about 6 months. It worked for me because it just goes from stranger to girlfriend. It's less messy when it's friend to girlfriend. Because if you break up, you loose them as a friend as well.

    Try something that isn't so obvious, maybe like the social board on 4chan, reddit and other imageboard websites. Just stay away from craigslist and plentyoffish. Nothing but freaks on there in my opinion. (no offense to those who actually have accounts on there lol)

  • Morbidzbaby

    It's worked for me so far. I didn't go to an actual dating website, but I just started chatting on a social site and posted on the message boards. My bf posted something, I commented on it and agreed with him and made some other points. He liked the way I think, so he sent me a friend request. That day, we chatted the whole day (we both were on vacation from work). The next day, he asked if he could text me. We became really good friends, started developing feelings for each other, and really took it slow. But we hit it off, fell in love, and aside from my kids, he is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love him dearly and didn't know this level of happiness and satisfaction was possible. So, when someone asks if finding love online is possible, I'm living proof that it is. Of course, I've met some real assholes, users, and the like. But I think that it all prepared me for the right guy. I appreciate him so much more because I know what else is out there. And he feels the same way.

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