Australia: Links to Transcript of Victoria Child Protection Hearing that is now on Steven Unthank's website and on Topix

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  • AndersonsInfo
    AndersonsInfo Steven Unthank's relaunched website with latest information regarding the Working With Children Act and Watch Tower's refusal to comply and other misc. information. scroll down to Australia: Protecting Children Inquiry hears...
    Topix site has Protecting Children Inquiry and discussion about inquiry...

  • sizemik

    Thanks again for the update . . .

    Well done to Steve with his re-launched website. His performance as per the transcript was also very good.

    Thanks also for the topix link . . . and yes, I had to comment.

  • skeeter1

    MR CUMMINS: The bottom line of it really is that every individual and every organisation, religious or otherwise, has to comply with the law. That's the bottom line.

    Nail in coffin.

  • truthseeker1969

    Skeeter, believe me the bottom line is despite their being a law WBTS will find a way around it.

    When speaking with them I asked a while ago if they always thought that the introduction of new laws limiting the control over religion was "satan at it again" they believe it is.

    However show them Luke 12 verse 2 and ask them if it could be Jehovah telling them to stop hurting His people and they flatly deny it.

    Take the data protection act I asked if that was a direct result of satan or if it was a direct result of them hurting Jehovahs people. Or could it be that Jehovah is saying what you are doing is wrong stop it?

    To quote JR Brown "yes we obey the law but we will find a way around it" No matter what law is put in place they will find a serpent like way of running round it.

    It is illegal for them to hold information without explicit consent about people in Europe but they do. Then when found out destroy it. It is illegal for them to write anything to other congregations so they call from pay phones to back stab people and amke sure the dirt is out on anyone, even those who want to return to the religion.

    I am sure the new law will put restrictions on them but you can bet they will have lobbyist up there pushing for freedom of religion and claim it is an attack of their freedoms.

  • AndersonsInfo

    I thought "sizemik's" comment on Topix was very interesting in reply to another poster who asked:

    "diogenes wrote: Please produce one KNOWN molester that has harmed a child since the policy was updated in 1997?" last comment on the page:

    "I was in a congregation in 1999 when a Ministerial Servant masturbated in front of a 12 year old girl while in her home. The parents were intimidated into keeping it "in house".

    In 2000 my employee, a non-JW whose partner was JW, found that all four of her children had been molested by an Elder in her previous congregation. She suffered a mental breakdown and her partner died of a heart attack a few months later. The Elder still serves.

    A daughter of dear friends of mine was raped by an Elders son in 1999 when she was 15 ... she was disfellowshipped for going to the Police and also suffered a mental breakdown. The whole family left the religion.

    I know of two other recent cases where the authorities have not been contacted out of fear of retribution. I'll spare the details to save you further embarrassment.

    Your policy "upgrade" like all JW "upgrades" is a farce. Your "prove it" attitude once again reveals the callous attitude of this grubby little cult toward children. It is the precise reason why I left."


  • skeeter1

    Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a crystal ball. While we all hope for an Enron/Arthur Andersen implosion...(one Texas office topples two extremely large, international corporations in a matter of a few weeks)....

    Yes, the WTS could do a number of ploys to get out of it.

    Farkle Defense: "Did I do that?" Followed by a quick public apology, payments, and compliance with the law.

    Take it to the Limit Defense: Take the case all the way to the highest court is Austrailia and beyond (UN Court) arguing all the way that the law is overly broad and impinges on the freedom of the religion to preach. Friends of the Court brief to be filed by the Roman Catholic, Mormans, Baptists, etc. church. Wouldn't that be funny, JWs in a UN court with False Religions. JWs will come out the hero.

    Now You See Them, Now You Don't Defense: Declare Victoria Australia to be Satan's land and leave the area (or go underground).


    In all serious, Mr. Unthank has raised public awareness on this issue and Austalia is witnesses the Jehovah's Witness church being a slippery snake. This is going to turn thousands off from the cult. For that alone, he is a success.

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