Sun Moon - Leader of the Moonies - Autobiography

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  • mentallyfree31

    All who have read Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan will recognize the name Sun Moon as the leader of the Moonies. I purchased (this week) a copy of the autobiography of this man. He wrote the book himself, telling his version of the events of his life, work and church. I think it will be very enlightening to hear a cult leader express his views, attempting to justify his work and beliefs. It would be similar to an active GB member writing a book detailing his life experience as part of the "only true religion", while still believing this myth.

    Sun Moon is 90 years old now. He wrote the book last year (2010).

    Has anybody else read this book? It's called "As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen". Here is a picture of the cover:


  • Joliette

    Ahhhh, the craziness.

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