I prayed for a Kitty today

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  • pedal power
    pedal power

    Me and my wife,a non JW,took her 3 year old country cat to see the vet in Edinburgh, I left her at the vets with the cat and went to work, I gave her 20 pounds and told her to get a cab into town to meet me at work. The vet removes the chicken bone from the cats throat,{the little bastard stole it ,when we were not looking} Anyway she gets a bus with cat into town,cost only 1 pound, she does not get cab she keeps 19pounds. Typical, Only the cat manages to wriggle out the basket,on princess street, terrified runs helter skelter accross 2, 4 lane highways, avoiding buses taxis,ect, my wife terrified screaming down the phone at me,to come and protect and save her beloved cat.F__K ,My whole world was collapsing before me, I prayed that Kitty would live, My wife is sensitive, and she would have been inconsolable had the kitty died on her watch, so I ran out of work, drove through red lights, and prayed,that The little cat survived. It did, using all 9 lives, wife happy.

    Anyway, She cares more about that cat than me, if I spouted about HEADSHIP she would tell me where to stick it, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

  • kazar

    I'm glad the kitty is OK.

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