The Watchtower Mindset: Murder Will Solve Everything

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  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    I was on facebook snooping on a former "friend" still stuck in the cult and he recently posted the following:

    " Yeah I was looking at them [kids lighting firecrackers] out my window last night. I was thinking, these people are so ignorant. Also too ever notice how 95% of kids these days don't even know how to dress or look..... I can't wait for this system to end."

    Translation: I can't wait until God murders these adolescents in cold blood so that I won't have to listen to them behave like kids anymore. I think even in my worst Watchtower mindset that this comment would have disturbed me. Really? You can say such a thing? Sadly, this is very typical. The big A will solve everything. Let's cheer God on to kill billions.

    His post was met with agreement and the next person went off about the different looks people have today [anything other than the Watchtower clone appearance] and how "dark" and "evil" it all is.

    I think now being out of the cult for a while just has woken me up to how crazy this thinking is. It is sick, sick, sick.

  • RagingBull

    Yeah, little do they know...those that run the org. (that are ABOVE THE GOVERNING BODY) are closer to Satan, than the GOD they claim to serve. They are the ignorant ones, to listen and be fed that garbage and never use their own minds to research and check it out for themselves.

  • yourmomma

    during my last few years i would hear more and more comments like this. this elders wife at the book study was saying that she hates when unruly children come into her store and she CANNOT WAIT until Jehovah kills them at armegeddon. My mouth dropped, and what was even more shocking was everyone's reaction was agreement. its madness.

  • Knowsnothing

    Not necessarily murder.

    But conformity? Sure as heck!

    Dress like us. Act like us. Join us. Join us.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    When Watchtowerites openly state that they're looking forward to Armageddon killing people that is the same as sanctioning their murder.

  • Knowsnothing

    Ah, but if it's God that does it, it's divine justice.

  • Quendi

    Not all Witnesses feel that the death of billions is a good thing. But there can be no denying that many do. With attitudes like that, you wonder why are they participating in the door-to-door work. Supposedly the motive for doing so is love of God and neighbor. Obviously, many Witnesses possess neither. That is very sad indeed.

    But much of the blame for this attitude can be laid at the door of the WTS itself. The insistence on maintaining records, turning in reports, rules for the kind of dress and grooming one must have to participate, and other Pharisaical regulations take any joy many would have out of the whole thing. The "evangelizing work" for many Witnesses is very difficult to participate in, and the organization does very little to address the burdens they are imposing on the rank-and-file.

    Still, that is no excuse for wishing death on people who do not share the Witness point of view. I'd love to see the world change for the better too. There is much about it that I do not like. But I don't want such changes to come about if that means the deaths of innocent people. Ah, well! When you have a religion that has no real grasp on the meaning of Christian love, what else can we expect from its adherents? The WTS reminds me of Gandhi's words to Lord Mountbatten: "I love Christ, but hate Christians because they do not practice what Christ taught." Those Witnesses who have cultivated a genuine love for their fellow men have done so in spite and not because of the WTS.


  • Leolaia

    From my "Golden Age Goodies" thread:



    *** g33 10/11 p. 26 Churchianity & Christianity ***

    The Boycotting of Free Speech

    WHEN, in his letter to the Catholic Press, Judge Rutherford drew attention to their un-American and unmanly methods of suppressing free speech, he stirred some of the hypocritical canines in women's clothes and dog collars into making some curious statements of just what they think free speech is. Such a statement appears in The Sunday Watchman, of St. Louis:

    ". . .it is not the intention of The Watchman to ruin any radio situation [sic] but only to attempt to drive the 'Judge' from the air until he can curb his tongue and stop twisting quotations from the Sacred Scriptures to suit his own ideas."

    In other words, Judge Rutherford would be allowed on the air only if he stopped using his own brains and used instead the brains of the 'pope'. The same issue says: "Let our Catholics in this trade area resolve that not one penny of their money will be spent with those firms which make Rutherford's broadcasts possible." It is a good thing to have these things published in the Catholic press and elsewhere so that when Jehovah God destroys the whole miserable nest of vipers every honest and decent person may rejoice that they no longer cumber the earth which they have disgraced.

  • watson

    It's not their fault. The "Society" has kept them in such a hyper-prepared state (for the end), for so long, that they are having more and more difficulty in making sense of it all. These types of statements are the outward expression of their frustration and humiliation.

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