Theocratic War Strategies

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  • partydelights

    Dear Readers of JWN,

    I’m less than a week here and have read a few articles. It appears that many of you here has a noble intention to assist JW who are still in WT. I raise this thread to discuss how we can help them as Christians.

    First, I like to encourage depressed ones here, please do not become an atheist or agnostic. In fact, I almost became one. I told the CO once: “If I left, I’ll become an agnostic”. But thanks to God, I remain a Christian, and a much better one because of the help and encouragement I received from other ex-JWs. If you need such help, please raise threads about your concerns. I’m sure many will be ready to assist.

    Now back to my point: Theocratic War Strategies to free JW from WT

    Let me begin with what I think is best:

    1) Do not be angry at JWs, particularly the Elders. But instead show them the love of God. Remember that they too were misled by WT and are currently under her spell (being mind-control).

    Scripture: (I’ll quote from NWT unless otherwise stated) Matthew 5:46 “For if YOU love those loving YOU, what reward do YOU have? Are not also the tax collectors doing the same thing? 47 And if YOU greet YOUR brothers only, what extraordinary thing are YOU doing? Are not also the people of the nations doing the same thing? 48 YOU must accordingly be perfect, as YOUR heavenly Father is perfect.”

    Yes, dear Christian Brothers and Sisters, let’s become “perfect” like our dear Father in the heavens. The tax collecting Elders tells all their rank-and-file NOT to greet us. But we, admonished by our Lord Jesus to do otherwise. By greeting the poor-souled JWs who hated us for no real cause, we’re doing the extraordinary thing of “love” unknown to them. Continuous rejections many make us feel dejected. But have faith that the impact of our love for them will be the eventual force for “sheep-like” ones to leave WT.

    2) Overcome the fear WT has instilled into us.

    Scripture: 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love.

    19 As for us, we love, because he first loved us.

    20 If anyone makes the statement: “I love God,” and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar. For he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot be loving God, whom he has not seen. 21 And this commandment we have from him, that the one who loves God should be loving his brother also.”

    Yes, we need to constantly pray to God that we be freed from the WT “fear”. Such fear caused our love for God to become imperfect. A perfect love is unselfish and is only concern with things good and chaste, kind and compassionate. We received all these from God. Since He loved us first, we should learn such love and show JW worldwide such magnificent love God has given us.

    (vs 20) Without a doubt, we can see clearly JW has fall short of God’s love. But let’s not be judgmental over them. Rather, proof to Christ we are true Christians. Proof to God we are His children. Love the JW who hated us. Show God we’re not liars. We love those whom we can see. In this way, there stands a real chance for us to love Him, who we cannot see. (Thanks to Jesus. Such faith is possible and with it, we can approach God and be accepted by Him.)

    These are my two cents contribution. May more brothers and sisters contribute to this “Theocratic War Strategies” so that we can see how we can more effectively show our love to JWs worldwide.


  • Ding

    In what ways do you think ex-JWs can show love to current JWs?

    I'm especially thinking of ex-JWs who have DAd or been DFd and are currently being shunned.

    The doors are shut and locked on the JW side, not on ours.

  • man in black
    man in black

    having DA'ed myself, I was expecting all of the shunning from all of the witnesses I knew for the past 30 years.

    But the way that they all think that my life would just fall apart after leaving was just a little over the top.

    So I decided that the way I would show them "love" would be to get involved in charities/causes/needs, that are helpful to society as a whole.

    Then because of doing this, several times my efforts would be published in the paper, or broadcast on TV.

    So without "saying a word" I purposely let the jw's know that I did not just dry up and blow away after walking away from their belief system.

    And I know from experience that it just throws a wrench into the boe's thought process, perhaps if just one witness sees that life can go on

    after leaving they might actually consider moving on themselves.

    Tomorrow night I will be giving a presentation at the local city library about my involvement in one of my charitable causes, they really have gone out to let residents know about it, it should be interesting to see if any witnesses show up !!

  • partydelights

    Currently, I know a twin Sisters who are both ex-JWs actively assisting those who are ready to leave WT.

    1) A lot of such ones are on the Internet, posting queries. We who are out of WT and had rebuilt our lives can be of help to them, both through our concern and our loving comments.

    2) Not all JW will fully follow WT "command" to shun us, especially those facing ongoing calamity and the initial "keep warm and well fed" period has past. My wife and I had tried visiting them. They had received us warmly. I hope some day we can help them break free from WT .

    3) If you have joined a Church, you are in a good position to teach your fellow Church friends how to deal with JW at the door. Advice them not to slam the door, nor fear their presence. On the contrary, get your friends to offer topics that will get JW into thinking process after they leave. E.g. showing interest in the history of WT, especially the days of CT Russell (why is he buried under a pyramid that is viewable from Google Earth?), JF Rutherford, and 1975 will get the JW into research. Also, remember arguing about doctrine is usually not the best way to convince JW to leave WT. Rather, showing love to them will. This is because WT painted the picture that all "in the world" are loveless. But their ability to see love in action will proof WT wrong/bias about many people. (Aren’t we living examples of such?)

    4) Sometimes we meet JW on the street. Familiar faces. Greet them. Tell them "I love you guys", “We’re praying for you”. You're not under WT "commandments". Show them your current life is happier and more meaningful. My wife told me what happened the last time we smiled at the Elder that DF us (who also smiled back). After we walked a distance, my wife peeked back. She told me he looked depressed, staring at the dried goods (we're at a shopping mall). I believe my "Apostate Materials" regarding CT Russell's pyramid has some effect on him. (He has to read them to tell me they’re “Apostate Materials” and use them against us.)

    Well, these are some experiences I had tried and if you have more, please post them. Let’s try to device more ways that can help saved those we love from WT.

  • truthseeker1969

    I was Dfd in absentia and in all honesty it hurt my family more than me.

    What the elders do not understand is that they destroy utterly destroy families, the very thing they say is falling apart as it is.

    They hurt and burden famlies with unneccessary religious rhetoric. read if you can the watchtower printed in 1947 where the condemn the catholic church for excommunicating people calling it "unscriptural" and even quoting scriptures they now use. So was the catholic church given scriptural knowledge greater than the FDS. Was their light brighter.

    The love we show is getting on wih our lives and never looking back.

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