Wishful Thinking

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    I like that kind of thinking, keeping my mind a blank, it is more comfortable that way.

    In other words I cannot see your post. I.E 9 ? use compatability button.

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    OOPs this is the wrong category & I hit enter.....sorry.

    I have been contemplating the same question as the one in Godrulz has in the post Opening the closed mind.

    I really want to help my inner circle. I want them all with me. They are sincere people in their love for Jehovah & his organ.(I have always hated that line because it leaves Jesus out). They have been taken captive & it's so sad. I have hope since they always talk to me about the way they see some matters. They fell free to share those thoughts with me. I really want to learn how to overcome the borg mentality.

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    My kids helped me figure out how to help JW's By way of Phineas & Ferb

    if the links are inactive sorry computer illiterate JW here



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