Jehovah Witnesses’ Bethel: A Place Of Order

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  • Bangalore
  • snowbird

    Paragraph 11 nails it.

    For a first visitor to the Bethel House, what readily attracts the eyes is the friendly ambience that permeates the large premises. From the gate house

    to the lawn, dining hall, press and the hall of residence, everything seems perfect and the visitors sre usually full of commendations.

  • snowbird

    My formatting got screwed somehow.

    With WT, it's all about surface appearances and following instructions from the GB.

    Never mind that JW's are dying, literally and figuratively, from adhering to those instructions.


  • Bangalore

    Agreed Sylvia. They place a lot of importance on outward appearance.


  • discreetslave

    "everything seems perfect" makes me think of Matthew 23:27,28

    27 “Woe to YOU, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because YOU resemble whitewashed graves, which outwardly indeed appear beautiful but inside are full of dead men’s bones and of every sort of uncleanness. 28 In that way YOU also, outwardly indeed, appear righteous to men, but inside YOU are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

    Did anyone notice the link at the bottom it reads "How To Give Your Woman Earth-Shaking Orgasms. Click here"

    Made me think of the time I was in the middle of an orgasm I got loud and my husband covered my face with a pillow. I always think what would he say if he had suffocated me?

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