meditation / law of attraction

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  • varian

    hello all.

    i´m really getting into this subject now, and i recently posted a question a while back, regarding this topic, so sorry if it appears to you, that i´m repeating myself.

    the thing is the same: i just can´t suss out, why the wts considers meditation, or call it relaxation technique, as non-biblical.

    i´m not talking so much about religious, or far east meditation, rather the positive effects of this practice.

    so, in other words, the wts is saying, by relaxing the body and mind, you´re giving the devil the chance to enter your brain or whatever, right?

    don´t they claim, that the demons have no effects on our mind? there are no biblical examples, are there? so where are they getting their conclusions from???

    thanks, varian

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