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  • MrFreeze

    Do you know of JWs who would watch the fireworks displays during July 4th celebrations? Most of the JWs I know do. Doesnt that seem kind of hypocritical. Fireworks are the main part of the celebration. Wouldn't that be like participating.

  • carla

    no thoughts on this?

  • WhatWasIThinking

    I knew JWs that would go watch fireworks, they just refused to stand or salute if the national anthem was sung or the pledge recited. And yes, I find it very hypocritical. I could tolerate them not standing/saluting but I also knew ones that would talk during the national anthem at ball games. You don't have to stand, that's your right, but you could at least just sit there quietly and be respectful for a few minutes. I'm sure your sitting and talking gave a great witness to those around you if they bothered to ask why you didn't participate. And then you could run to the hall and give your experience of persecution because your rude behavior angered others.

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