Ottawa Canada Day 2011 Prince William and Lady Katherine

by Lady Lee 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I cannot believe the pictures I got. I am very surprised I can see anything on them. I was sitting about a football fiend away from the stage and had pretty much given up getting any picture of them But I was smart enough to bring my tripod and after putting the camera away decided to try it.

    I have an old Kodak v530 not impressive so I was amazed

    Yes it is grainy but I got them

    The connection between these two is strong. Even when he was giving hius speech he turned to look at her. Later people were saying that they could see them looking for each other when they were walking about talking to people in the crowds. The connection is great to watch despite the fact that they have been together for so long.

    and in case you think our security was lax look what we all saw from the tops of almost every building

    This guy is in full gear on a 10 story building and I believe it or not am 2 blocks away

    And this fellow is on the building behind me and 4 stories up - getting people to come down off the roof

    Not the best of shots. The last two were without the tripod so I am amazed at anything other than a blur

    Yes it was a good day. As they were leaving I tried to get another shot of them driving away but I missed them and clicked on the wrong car but got a wonderful close up look at Katherine from about 10 feet away

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I think they're a beautiful couple. I hope their marriage survives.

  • Scully

    Nice pics, Lee.

    Good for you for braving the crowds. We stayed as far away as possible - there was enough going on in our area of town to keep us happy. And we had a perfect vantage point of the entire proceedings from our sofa!

    Lots of great fireworks displays all over too - amateurs as well as professional ones.

  • Quarterback

    I've enjoyed the celebrations yesterday from my tw. These are sure great photos, Lady Lee

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Scully the crowds were bad last year but this year was insane. Although I didn't drive over anyone's foot this time. Some people hate to move or don't think that putting their foot in front of a 300 lb machine with a person on it is dangerous. I am beginning to think though that I might be too old for this battle with the crowds.

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