Df'd Dudes! Send A Photo !

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  • metatron

    There are many of you poor unfortunates out there in cyberspace who have been cruelly expelled from your self righteous, WatchtowerCultDeceived families.

    Sadly, you think that they are actually going to bother to read your lengthy letters, explaining why the Watchtower is wrong, wrong, wrong and you are just a nice person that they should keep talking to......

    No, no, no! This ain't gonna work, guys. You are an evil, mentally diseased apostate and your letter will be tossed into the trash.

    So, what do you do?

    SEND A PHOTOGRAPH THAT STRONGLY SUGGESTS THAT YOU ARE HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL !!!!!!! Does a picture 'say a thousand words' ? Without actually saying a thousand words?

    How about smiling people celebrating a graduation? a wedding? just a big family barbeque?

    Folks, let me tell you the hard truth about the "Truth". It ain't about LOGIC! After 130 lying-off-your-ass years of falsely predicting Armageddon, there is absolutely NO LOGIC LEFT. If you project a (truthful) image of happiness and joyful successful life , you will threaten them as long as you live.

    I think it was JFK who said, "Success is the best revenge". I agree. Take a picture of it once in a while and send it off.


  • serenitynow!

    You may have something there. I'll try it!

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    That sounds like a lot of work just to prove to an organization that I'm happy. Any letter's or photo's of that sort will just get thrown in the round file at the front door.

    Not trying to be negative, but...forget about it and move on. If you really feel the need to "prove" something, I think you've got bigger issues than they do.

  • metatron

    What you say about moving on is entirely fair - if you can manage it. However, consider that while it is easy to toss out an "apostate" letter, tossing out a happy photograph means you already looked at it! In the OCD world of Watchtowerism, it may haunt you for a long time.

    And yes, the "Truth" is Much. much more about Obsessions and Compulsions rather than any (long abandoned) logic.

    If you are a 100% faithful Witness, try viewing one photo of porn - and then NOT THINK ABOUT IT! Think it might work for cheery apostates, also?


  • AwareBeing

    It does drive them nuts to know that former members are leading happy productive lives,

    outside the confounds of their brand of a "spiritual paradise." you know it every time they say:

    "Bro./sis.___________ isn't doing anything bad, he/she just isn't serving Jehovah."

    Then they start concocting plans on how to draw that person back, and drool over scoring

    another Bible study to boost their image and increase their privileges.

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