Has anyone seen Justitia Themis?

by Voices 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Voices

    I havn't heard from them and they havn't responded to my PMs Anyone see her ...let her know she's got PMs

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    i know she is a law student, 1st year. Amazed that she found any time to post during the academic year. She may be working this summer very long hours at an internship or job. I miss her presence.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Hello all. This is the first time I have logged on in months. My apologies for the tardy responses to those who have PM'd me. I finished my first year of law school and the first round of on-campus interviews for next summer's positions. School resumes in about two weeks, so I doubt I will be posting much.

    A cursory review seems to indicate this place has calmed down again. It was pretty bitter here for a long while, which is one of the reasons I quit visiting the site.

    I hope everyone is enjoying his/her summer!


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