KHConf - I had no idea how big it has become!

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  • sir82

    If you are a JW in the US or Canada, you probably already know about "KHConf". It is a business that has been set up (presumably by some JWs somewhere) that supplies call-in numbers and teleconferencing for shut-ins to listen to Kingdom Hall meetings.

    They have their own website:

    What I didn't know is how much they've spread! Their service is available in Australia, New Zealand, and much of western Europe.

    Does anyone know anything about the company? They charge local congregations a fee for their service. All the congregations around here (in Mongolia ) subscribe to it. Someone is getting wealthy off the JW brotherhood!

    Oh well, it's not the first time. Remember "Circuit Leasing"?

  • besty

    KHConf LogoKHConf
    Order Service in:

    YES! We do have TIER 1 access to local phone numbers in BEVERLYHLS, CA. Tier 1 access provides for up to 20 callers to be connected to the bridge simultaneously, the cost is $20 per month per congregation and there is a $10 setup fee per congregation. We offer a $2 per congregation discount to customers who enroll in our automatic payment program, resulting in a total cost of $18 per month per congregation. If you need more than 20 callers per conference, please contact us for assistance. If this is the correct location and you would like to order service, please click on the button below. More information is gathered on the next page.

    Click Here to order service. If you are planning to use an Unlimited Long Distance plan and call forwarding to connect the friends to KHConf, please click here.
    Simple and Easydesigned to be simple, reliable and inexpensive. Find out more. How does this system work?Frequently asked questions: How many callers can we have on at once? Read the FAQs
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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I'd like to see a competitor come along because we've had trouble with them, and they're not real keen on returning your call or your email. It's almost as if they hope you'll just go away when a problem arises and you've voiced your complaint on numerous occasions.

  • sir82

    Competition?!?!? Among Jehovah's happy people in the spiritual paradise?!?!?!

    Perish the thought!

  • maninthemiddle

    They are reselling this company, and probably taking advantage of bulk pricing.

    At least they are up front about it. The price are reasonable, from what I have seen in the industry.

  • undercover
    It's almost as if they hope you'll just go away when a problem arises and you've voiced your complaint on numerous occasions.

    Kinda like when you've cornered an elder on a doctrine or teaching that isn't supported by scripture. They promise they'll research and get back with you but never do.

    This is probably some enterprising pioneer who was trying to supplement his part-time income. I'm surprised Brooklyn hasn't squashed this. Profiting off congregations that have infrim and elderly that can't get to meetings... oh wait... the WTS tries to profit off all the dubs. You learned well, young grasshopper of the KHCONF...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I can't tell you how many times I walked into the meeting on a Sunday or Thursday and I hear the Servants running around like chickens with their heads cut off because, "its not working!" "Again?" "Yeah!" Or later in the middle of the meeting, the phone in the library or the kitchen is ringing because everybody got cut off unexplainably and all those old people are calling back like its Bingo night.

    You know another nuisance with KH Conferencing, is the unwritten policies or maybe there was a letter on this subject, I can't remember? At any rate, we don't give the phone number or the code to healthy JWs. I've seen people who were going to have surgery and not be at the meeting for a couple weeks request the number and pin# so they could, "get hooked up." Some elders were such sticklers for rules that they didn't give out the pin#. The Ministerial Servants' hands are tied because they have to get an ok from one of the elders before giving it out. Funny thing to me is if I was post surgery and layed up for a couple weeks, I could care less about the meeting. You've been to one, you've been to them all.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    I know the brother that started this and the few he has working for him that run it. Hopefully admitting this won't lead to identifying myself.

    I'm actually surprised that Bethel hasn't tried to capitalize on this and directly offer kingdom halls this service (at a suggested contribution of $2.43 per publisher - wink wink)- but I wonder if it's because the guy running it, would be put out of business faster than an armani suit disappears from a bethel hopper. He was a former bethelite (and I think they like that he takes on all the liability for failed operation issues)- and I know he's been up to bethel a few times to discuss his operation. It wouldn't surprise me, if they have informally meddled in his pricing structure - you know to look after the friends' best interest.

    They have asked him to change the name of his company to 'generic conferencing' or something like that - although they allowed the website address to continue.

    But as far as him banking in the big bucks - I know there are just a few employees altogether, probably less than 10. It would seem that the potential to rake it in is there - and I'm guessing he nets six figures easily - if not, it's because he's doing it wrong. The cost is pretty much the cost of his Asterisk servers (renting or owning - he probably does both being as he's gone international now) and the phone numbers and the block of minutes with each of those numbers - I can tell you the latter is not a lot. Creating an asterisk server is pretty darn cheap too.

    Kingdom halls could basically do this themselves with an old computer and it might cost a couple bucks a month - (tops!) plus an internet connection. But then you'd have to have someone knowledgeable to make sure the machine stays up and running.

    As for competitors - there are actually many out there - and savy halls with know-how bros are starting to use them - there are actually some free services out there that some halls use. But this guy has thousands of congregations as his clients and while I remember him as kind of an arrogant prick, I still gotta hand it to him, wish I would've thought of it. The good news for him, is that he's got an overlapping generation that has many years and decades of meetings left - with more and more getting older and infirm. I'd say if he keeps doing this right and keeping everyone at bethel happy - he better get rich. I'd guess he probably already is - but plays it like he's not.

  • ziddina

    Sir82, if you're REALLY in Mongolia, I want a pair of those pointy-toed boots!!!

    Might explain that wacked sense of humor that I enjoy so much!!

  • Bella15

    Wow! You still doubt it? I am sure Watchtower is getting some money ouf ot it. We need to find the public records of this company and follow the money trail?

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    freeconferencecall (dot) com is far superior and, well, FREE!

    Wonder who is the Einstein behind using the paid unreliable service instead...

  • NewChapter

    Oh I HATED that number. I had the valid excuse of being sick for a very long time---it was a relief---until THE NUMBER! Then I was expected to never miss a meeting. I only listened in a couple of times, but I always got asked if I had and how I enjoyed the meeting. UGH.

    I wonder why they don't just set up a camera and skype the sucker. Then the faithful could have visual.

    The few times I did listen in, I would wake up with the phone slid down by my side. LOL I probably lasted 5 minutes tops.


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