Wilhelm Scheider - forgotten Witness

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  • Haelcer

    Who was Wilhelm Scheider?

    *** JW - Proclaimers, p.453 ***
    Wilhelm Scheider, Poland. In Nazi concentration camps 1939-45. In Communist prisons 1950-56, also 1960-64. Until his death in 1971, he unwaveringly devoted his energies to the proclaiming of God’s Kingdom.

    He was overseer of the Poland office from 1927 to 1971. Anointed.

    His grove today:

    Present Witnesses forgot about their brother.


  • journey-on

    If you are referring to the overgrown weedy gravesite, it's because the JWs have absolutely zero concern for the dead body. When my mother died, my JW family wanted to flush her ashes down the drain, saying, it's just dust....and she (the person) is in the memorial tomb and will be resurrected in the new system. I refused to allow it and took her ashes with me. They are uncaring and disrespectful when it comes to the body.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    European cemetries rely on the family of the deceased to care for the graves, otherwise they become overgrown with weeds such as we see here.

    Did he have any children? You certainly wouldn't be able to rely on the WTS in Poland to look after the grave.

  • Honesty

    My ex-SIL fertilised one of her rose bushes with her dad's ashes.

    BTW, she's one of the 144,000

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