Enslaved to the literature....comment from new video.

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  • maninthemiddle

    If you haven't already seen the new video go check it out. See the end of the thread for two playable videos.

    The video talks about those who were arrested for preaching (witness style). And shows a husband and wife arrested in Alabama. The sad part is they were arrested for selling without a license.
    It is notable how the push of the literature is nothing new, they have been doing that for years, in notably in the past they asked for money in return.
    What is sad is how much better it would have been for them to just use the bible. (not like that would ever happen) They created the environment, then complained about it.
    This video just re-enforces how enslaved they are to the literature.
    My question is, why is this something to be proud of?

  • Knowsnothing

    No time to see it but ultimately we know this is typical JW behavior.

    I agree, this isn't something to be proud of. They are just interested in deseminating their interpretation of the Bible, via publications.

    Brothers in my area overwork their territory, then whine persecution when they are told they are being a nuissance and asked to leave.

    There is nothing courageous about it. There are so many different ways to get "the message out", and unfortunately, I don't even believe they are getting the "right message"!

  • therevealer

    If Jehovah is "with" you how can you not be proud. Anndd, if you are better and superior to everyone else in the world, now that's proudifying. And all this pride is conjoured by the fine literature that they produce and make available to people in all the earth so that they can (the people) learn about the great Jah and his kingdom arrangement. Oops. sorry were you being serious.

  • maninthemiddle

    Knowsnothing.said They are just interested in deseminating their interpretation of the Bible, via publications
    I agree their interpertation, but question the dependency on the publications, but hey, I have no room to talk, 
    handing a watchtower out and not beaing able to say what it was about was what I did best.

    I have been in the overworked territory before, remember that it is just busy work, so you don;t have time to think.
    @thereaveler....I am enough of a smartass to appreciate it  By the way, I love proudifying.
  • Satanus

    Good point. When i was jw, i used to wonder what we would do if couldn't have our wt lit. The bible, by itself just doesn't do it, for a jw. It is a dependence.


  • maninthemiddle

    Here is the picture I am talking about. I am all for free speech, but selling is selling, is it not?

    selling without a license

  • cameo-d

    maninthemiddle: "This video just re-enforces how enslaved they are to the literature.
    My question is, why is this something to be proud of?"

    Because they have to keep up a pretense of "being persecuted". That's a big part of the JW mantra. They never accept that they could be in the wrong. The org teaches them to be self-righteous and any disagreement of their mind controlled behavior is paraded as "persecuted". Because, after all, Jesus said you would be persecuted for doing the right thing. It is a gross misapplication of scripture.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    Exactly Cameo. They put their own targets on their backs for all this "persecution". How much better would my life in school been had I just been there with no ties to this cult? None of this "you can't cuss, you aren't allowed to fight, you can't do holidays" from peers and teachers who tried to let me in on some freekin' fun by creating loopholes. I may not be sure of many things but one thing I am sure of is: god needs to get punched in the throat.

  • sd-7

    Classic. I just read '30 Years a Watchtower Slave' somewhat recently, and W.J. Schnell made a good point, I thought, that rather than simply appealing to freedom of the press, the Society chose to fight based on freedom of religion so as to make themselves look like a persecuted religious minority to get people curious enough to buy literature. According to him, he was actually INSTRUCTED to create problems, get arrested, etc. for this very reason.

    Common sense should've told them to use the Bible, but obviou$ly, that doe$n't make any money! And that'$ all thi$ wa$ about!

    I haven't even seen Part 1 of the DVD series yet. I think Part 2 might be too infuriating. If I just try not to think, it might be easier...nope, that didn't work...


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