JWs have halitosis --

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  • moshe

    They have a message, but JWs turn us off as soon as they speak! They know people won't answer the door and dodge them, so-oo they blame the householder, but facts are facts-- JWs are just not good people and you can't fool your neighbors. Not surprisingly, JWs have a disconnect between how they perceive themselves and how everyone else sees them.

    I wonder, if it would make a difference to JWs, if they could see themselves as we see them?

  • WTWizard

    Not all of them have rotten hygiene. But enough do so it can make things miserable for a whole congregation.

    What we are usually looking at is people that are too busy to brush and floss their teeth (with anything, soap or baking soda work as well as toothpaste) on a regular basis. They are sometimes too busy to take a shower. They get up, race out the door with a cup of coffee, and race to the Kingdumb Hell to reach the 5:30 AM group for field circus. Sometimes they will have a quick breakfast. This is not conducive to good hygiene, and the ones that are most rushed are the most likely to have this problem.

    And health problems not related to hygiene factor in. As I know, the witlesses are usually quite sick. They neglect their teeth, beyond not brushing and flossing, to the point where chronic infection comes along. That causes much bad breath. Beyond that, their general health is usually lousy because they don't get enough sleep, they eat fast phude for lunch every day, and they are under constant stress from pio-sneering. Usually, they don't have enough money to really take care of themselves and/or enough sound knowledge to apply. The rags instruct them that they need to wash with soap and water, but that is going to do nothing if the cause of the odor is gum disease or just plain bad health.

    More often than not, they need to get to the root of the problem. Regular brushing of teeth wards off gum disease--and I am not here advocating fluoride toothpaste or toothpaste with propylene glycol or glycerine. Baking soda or tooth soap will do just as nicely. Taking a few basic vitamins can go a long ways toward preventing many of these diseases. Eating a decent lunch from time to time also helps--it is the consistent eating of fast phude that creates the problem. If they are fat, they need to walk--uninterrupted, not just to the next door. They also need less pressure to make the next boasting session and arrive at the Kingdumb Hell at 5:30 in the morning for street work.

  • Joliette

    LOL Too funny at your picture.

    And yes, a lot of the older dubs growing up had terrible breath.

  • LongHairGal


    My observation exactly. I was absolutely nauseated to have to be in the company or car-group with somebody with atrocious oral hygiene. I think some of these "good christians" thought that it didn't matter what the hell they looked like or how clean they were (or weren't). I think cleanliness is something you are raised with and my Mother always said so. She was a hygiene fanatic. We all were scrubbed clean, clean underwear and she made sure we brushed our teeth. All this is something that has to be instilled in childhood. My rule of thumb is: if what you CAN see is dirty, what you can't see is even dirtier.

    I remember being introduced to certain eligible brothers and I remember being totally turned off by more than one who neglected his oral hygiene. Let some other "lucky" sister teach some guy personal hygiene. I wasn't interested.

    That being said, I have to admit that things have changed over the years and the later generation of JWs have come a long way as far as their appearance and hygiene goes - but that doesn't mean that you won't get a real pathetic slob once in a while.

  • sinis

    They also have ASSitosis at the conventions. have you ever walked into the bathroom? Last time I went I almost passed out, left and went across the street to a "worldly" business and used their facility...

  • Rocky_Girl

    It is the reek of desperation. I didn't notice it until I went back once with my parents. The stench of love-bombing.

  • carla

    Their reputation preceeds them that's why nobody wants to answer the door to them. I once asked my jw why they refuse to identify themselves even when you ask them outright, "are you a jw?" his answer? because if we told you right off the bat who we are nobody will talk to us! He didn't see this as a problem with the jw's of course. I'm sure he will not remember saying that and would deny it if asked about it again.

    I once told him how someone here thought that a householder only took the wt's because they fit on the bottom of her bird cage exactly and were an excellent fast clean up for all the bird poop. Now wouldn't you think that would bother somebody that their 'holy' writings were only be used so a bird could crap on em'? No, he did kind of laugh about it but then said at least she would be seeing part of a wt until the next change was needed. crazy or what?

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