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  • roxanesophia

    Since the bible speaks of being blood guilty if one knowing the truth doesn't tell others, I'm a bit tortured by the fact I've learned the JW doctrine is false and I've found the truth in the bible, but there's no way in hell I can talk to other JW's about it. I would so love to just plant the seed of doubt, and turn them to the real truth, but I know how futile that can be. I was never baptized - with good reason. I just keep thinking of that "blood guilty" scripture (that JW's use themselves to justify their door knocking work.) and also the scripture about teaching alternate gospel and the scripture in revelation about adding or taking away from scripture as the NWT has done.

    Am I going to be considered blood guilty if I don't at least TRY to talk to the JW's i'm in contact with? They say it themselves, telling people about God isn't easy work, but what happens when you have the truth and keep it from them under the impression no one is going to listen?

    And just a side note, if i wasn't already convinced enough that it wasn't "the truth" this thread would have done it:

    Seriously, most far-fetched, asinine thing I've ever read. The fact that God is going to strike everyone down and the witnesses are left amongst the destruction and dead bodies laughing and celebrating is an idea I can't believe I bought into for even a second. I'm sure delighting in people's death and looting their houses is what Jesus would do.

    But anyway, back to my question...

  • LouBelle

    How can you be blood guilty for other peoples' decisions. You can't be held accountable for them. You cannot save them, you cannot save anyone. I say this because it is not up to you. Everyone person will have an opportunity to know Christ if they so desire.

    You then have to consider the tribe in the jungle - who has never heard of Christ and who never will. Will you be blood guilty because you didn't make an effort to go off and find them an convert them?

    May I suggest that when reading the bible you read them with spiritual eyes. The bible may not be a literal book with literal translations. It may be a book that holds truths that have to be apt for every generation in that time.

  • roxanesophia

    Thanks, Loubelle, I'm seeing it differently now. Guess I was still thinking like a J dub.

    You then have to consider the tribe in the jungle - who has never heard of Christ and who never will.
    That is actually something i used to argue JW's with. All they'd say is "Jehovah will read their heart." though they don't apply that to everyone whose door they knock on.

  • GOrwell

    The bloodguilt doctrine, or the idea that God is going to hold me personally responsible for the results of His actions, is so asinine as to be laughable.

  • Ding

    Romans 8:1-2: "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."

    If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to PM me.

    This invitation to PM applies to anyone who still lives under a weight of guilt and fear of divine condemnation.

  • ixthis

    I'm not sure I can answer your question, however, I think that I can contribute a bit to the discussion.

    In the writings of Saint Basil the Great (329-379), "blood" is described as closely identified with the soul. This is consistent with the OT and later ideas of the spilling and consuming of blood.

    When one drank the blood of one's opponent, one literally consumed the soul of one's opponent, taking for one's self the strengths and mights. When two men mingled their blood (ie "blood brothers") they literally "mixed" their souls so that they become related. When the Hebrews were warned against the consumption of the blood of animals (hence the regulations for kosher butchering of livestock - killing by draining the blood of the animal) it was so that the person eating the meat did not also take on the bestial passions of the animal so consumed.

    When we as Christians partake of the Most Holy Body and Most Precious Blood (known as Holy Eucharist or Holy Communion), we take in the spiritual nature of Christ inasmuch as we are able to bear it.

    I think this identification of "blood" and "soul" might be of use here in talking about the relationship of our Lord's sacrifice and blood.

  • ixthis

    Blood is life: the things most fundamental to animate existence. One can offer nothing more than one's blood : it is the offering of one's very being and existence.

    Patristic usage seems to focus on this:-

    • Cain sheds blood ; Abel's life is given to death.
    • Abel's blood 'cries out'; life abhors death.
    • Sin makes impure; life is polluted.
    • Sacrifice renders pure; polluted life is offered to God, who alone can make fallen life whole.
    • Christ sheds his blood ; Life gives his life for the life of all.
  • godrulz

    roxanne: how has your view of Jesus changed since leaving the WT? Who is Jesus Christ specifically?

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