You say it best when you say nothing at all !!

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  • caliber

    You can tell how someone is feeling by their body language signs. It’s useful to be able to read people’s body language because what people say and what they feel are often not the same. Studies have shown that of the information that we receive from other people: 10% is from what they actually say; 40% is from the tone and speed of their voice; 50% is from their body language

    Through our eye contact, gestures, body stance, and facial expressions the people we interact with can determine our intentions, the quality of our relationships, how masterful we are in any given situation, our confidence level, and what our true motivations and desires are.

    Body language speaks soul to soul if only we know how to listen !! A heart without words can still speak volumes

    Old mr. webster could never define
    What’s being said between your heart and mine
  • Gayle

    Caliber,,that is an awesome song,,appreciated deeply,,

    I think "social networks' are good and can only be second best as that face to face can't be matched.

  • Nickolas

    and that, caliber, is why there is so much misunderstanding in text communication.

  • caliber

    thanks Gayle.

    Keep this also in mind about mere words from yet another prospective .....

    it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.
    Mohandas Gandhi
  • caliber

    So true Nicholas, so it behoofs us not to run to judgment in misunderstood words either negative or positive..

    possibly it is best to ask for clarifying before reacting with bitter words to an innocent heart which is misunderstood or

    somehow taken out of context of some unintented message. ...thanks for this important thought

    Another expression that may ring true in face to face meeting...

    What you are is speaking so loud I can't hear what you're saying

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