Jealousy and the Watchtower

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  • sabastious

    I like to tell people things. I do, I get a kick out of helping someone solve a problem using a logical solution that is efficient and intuitive; It's my thing. So when I read how JF Rutherford said he always wanted lead a "large army" I can sort of relate. People who like to help others are "results oriented" and armies provide results. I read that Charles Taze Russell would admit in private conversations that he was indeed the Faithful and Wise Servant; it was a guilty pleasure for him and an indulgence.

    When I researched the history of the Watchtower and it's founders I found them to be more human than even me. Rutherford openly defied "Caesar" when the United States called for a prohibition on alcohol. He actually smuggled it in from Canada!

    The picuture becomes more clear... he liked to tell people things too!

    What happens if the people who normally would come to him, or his Organization, for advice go some place else? That must have infuriated him. He must have had one of those "Pharisee mean faces" so often depicted in Watchtower art. After everything Rutherford had been through to be "God's sole channell" many just gave him the finger and took someone else's advice that contradicted his own!

    This is the foundation of the Watchtower. This is why they damn everything they can get their hands on under the veil of their "no part of the world" doctrine.

    If an organization can be jealous, as in being created in the name of jealousy, what would that organization look like?


  • Chariklo

    The Watchtower?

  • sabastious
    The Watchtower?

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