Taking on Mad Sweeny's version....

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  • foster

    Notice that they NEVER ASK THE BIG QUESTION!!!!! What do I do if I find out I am gay? Wonder why that's off the list??

    1. How can I talk to my Parents?

    Why would you want to???

    2. Why are we always arguing?

    See #1 and stop talking to them.

    3. How can I earn more freedom?

    1 of 2 1)bide your time and fade away 2) run away

    4. Why did Dad and Mom split up?

    See #2

    5. How can I deal with my parent's remarriage?

    See answer to #1

    6. How can I get along with my siblings?

    again see answer to #1

    7. Am I ready to leave home?

    Option 2 of Question 3

    Your Identity

    8. How can I make good friends?

    Start outside the Kingdom Hall

    9. How can I resist temptation?

    See answer to #1

    10. Why should I care about my health?

    Your health your choice

    11. What can I wear?

    Your closet your choice but pass on the Emps new clothes

    12. How can I boost my self confidence?

    In the imortal words of the House from Amityville "GET OUT!!!!"

    13. How can I stop being so sad?

    See answer to #12

    14. Why don't I just end it all?

    Your life your choice

    15. Is it wrong to want some privacy?

    HELL NO and take all you can

    16. Is it normal to grieve the way I do?

    Please your a JW you have every right to grieve for now and the rest of your life.

    In and Out of Class

    17. Why am I afraid to share my faith at school?

    Again your a JW enough said

  • talesin

    Good on ya!

    Dont' let anyone make you feel "less than".



    u missed the number chapter that all the youths flip to first: maturbation


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