Our E-Verify integrity has been destroyed by the US Government

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  • moshe

    Two months ago our wise US government instituted a self-check feature to allow individuals to verify their employment status, before they apply for a job. Great- Now illegals who have partial stolen identities can punch in the numbers until they find a perfect match- it might take them a thousand tries to get it right -- then they can go to the employers with a verified identity (stolen) and start working- even a governmant raid probably won't catch them- and we have the E-Verify website in Spanish to help, too.

    The Arizona law requiring employers use E-verify has just passed muster with the Supreme court, but our government has now made it possible for illegals to circumvent sanctions from this Arizona law.

    I saw a few problems working in the BMV with messed up identities and it was usually caused by a clerical typo errors changing a date or name. Yes, it was a pain for the individual, but they were able to bring in their documents and get the record changed to match their identity documents.

    A national biometric ID card appears the only way to force our leaders to make sure American jobs go to Americans and legal immigrants who have the legal right to work in the USA.

    On a side note- thieves will be using E-Verify to perfect identity theft in order to steal bank accounts, tax refunds, open charge accounts and run up a $100,000 in charges on your good name, etc- all thanks to our friendly officials in the Obama adminsitration.

  • moshe

    Nobody here worried about identity theft?

  • EntirelyPossible

    E-verify takes info from the I-9 form to get faster results. I-9 forms aren't done until AFTER someone starts working for you. What do you mean, illegals can now just punch in numbers?

  • moshe

    Yes, anyone can go to E-verify website and punch in numbers until they get a match- then present their fake drivers license and SS card- everything matches, so you're good to get hired.- Sweet deal for illegals and crooks.

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