Do they still require that GB members be of the anointed?

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  • IsaacJ22

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if I'm remembering a change correctly, especially since it happened long after I stopped attending meetings.

    I seem to remember that the Society began to change its position on the anointed holding top level posts within the org because they were running out of anointed ones. Apparently, anointed members were being used with higher level positions, like running committees and all that, but the Society announced somewhere that they would start using other people in some of those positions too. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

    I wasn't sure how high that change went. Does anyone remember where this information/article came out, or what the details were? I'm having trouble finding it.

    Thanks for your time and help.

  • blondie

    The "governing body" is still made up of male anointed jws. Some administrative positions were delegated to non-anointed male jws, at the time called "Given Ones" or the Nethinim (1992). That concept was mentioned briefly in 2006 but I'm sure most jws had no clue what it meant.

    *** w06 2/15 p. 28 par. 11 Walking in the Path of Increasing Light ***The year 1992 saw still another refinement, one that is comparable to what happened after the Israelites and others returned from exile in Babylon. Back at that time, there were not a sufficient number of Levites to care for temple service. So non-Israelite Nethinim were given more to do in helping the Levites. Accordingly, to assist the faithful and discreet slave class in caring for its increasing earthly interests, in 1992 some of the "other sheep" received added service responsibilities. They were appointed as helpers to the Governing Body committees.—John 10:16.

  • IsaacJ22

    Thanks a lot for your help, Blondie.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Say you're a non-anointed "Nethinim" with ambition. What's to stop you from becoming "anointed" in order to open new doors for you?

    I'd be curious to know just when the current GB members started partaking. Were they always anointed since they became JWs? Or did they start partaking when they realized they were reaching a ceiling in the hierarchy?

    The OLDEST current GB member was born in 1934. Think about that. 77 years old this year is the oldest GB member. The rest are younger. NONE of them were partaking in 1935 or even 1945. When did they start partaking?

  • civicsi00

    Mad Sweeney, I don't think it matters too much how long ago they started partaking. If you're a hardline, "company man", willing to maintain the status quo, then you probably qualify to be a GB member. They sure don't seem to be in a hurry to replace the ones that are gone, though.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It would matter to the rank and file, though.

    I bet most of them don't even realize that the GB are for the most part younger than their own parents.

  • Pika_Chu

    @Isaac: hi, atheist geek. Love your blog. I'm "Sleepy", by the way.

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