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  • faundy

    Been a while since I was posting on here; how come most of you have the hand-drawn avatar things? Do you make your own? Where are they from?


  • sizemik

    Me again . . . they're provided automatically based on IP address. Those with personalised avatars have usually posted them through their Gravatar account.

  • transhuman68
  • faundy

    Yeah. Still don't get it but thanks for trying to explain!

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Hi Faundy.

    When you get an account on the forum, you are automatically given a "hand drawn" avatar, as you say.

    You do not have a choice as to what it is.

    It isnt too complicated to have your own choice afterwards, though some dont want to be bothered or are maybe not sure how to.

    1. you open an account at gravatar.com

    2. you give them an e-mail address and

    3. you choise and upload the photo you wish to use as your avatar.

    4. Every site where you have an account using the e-mail address given to gravatar.com will show the avatar that you have chosen.

    I guess that in 2006 when you joined, it wasn't the same?

  • faundy

    Nah, and I have read somewhere that because I uploaded the one of me that you can see now, the Gravatar one won't override it.

    Just feel left out, haha, but I can't even find a place to change my profile pic on this site. Is it now impossible? There's nowhere I can find that deals with profile settings.

  • pirata

    You have to change your profile pic at the gravatar.com website.

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