Harold Camping's new light, does it remind of (Shudder) of what we heard in 1975

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  • Dune

    That's exactly what I was thinking. In fact, when he said that the rapture had begun "invisibly" i immediately thought of the JW doctrine of how christ had begun to rule 'invisibly' in 1914.

    I'm trying to imagine how i would have taken the similarities if i was still a JW.

  • sir82

    Yes and no.

    Yes, obviously, because of the failed prediction, not only 1975 but 1914, 1918, 1925, etc.

    But then again, think of this: In the 1910's & 20's, the IBSA had years to work up an excuse & recalculations. In the 1970's, there were still many years before they came up with their insulting & condescending semi-apology & shifted over to concentrating on "the generation of 1914".

    Camping's prediction failed on Saturday, and he (or at least his organization) had to scramble to get a statement ready by Monday.

    In the internet age / 24 news channel environment of today, if you're in the prophecy business, you'd better have a backup plan ready to implement instantly, or risk continuing ridicule.

    We all know how much the WTS hates bad press, and how much effort it goes to to protect its image.

    I'm sure the WTS were carefully studying Camping's predictions & the public reaction to its failure. As others have speculated, it may have influenced the district convention program content and/or releases. Were they going to float a more concrete timetable than "imminent / soon / very soon now / no really, I mean soon soon"?

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    I was thinking of the talk Fred Franz gave just pre-1975. He came to Los Angeles and basically did what politicians and all of these Reverends do and put a spin on a bad policy or messages. Ol Fred was pulling out all of the stops like Bill Clinton trying to explain how sex with Monica wasn't really sex

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