Casey Anthony

by Iconoclast 1 Replies latest jw friends

  • Iconoclast

    Anyone else here obsessed with this case as much as I am? She's saying her daughter accidently drowned now? And the father told her to hide the body? And he diddled her?

    If she drowned, why the tape? Why did the dad act like he had no idea what was going on before they found her? Why did he tell the cops when he was interviewed the first time that the smell of death was so strong, wafting from the car, that he thought his daughter or grandchild was dead inside?

    Not adding up.

  • mamamo

    Any mother who waits a month to report the child missing is somehow involved or covering up. Unfortunately, accidental pool drowning happen here in Florida more often than you would like to think about. There was a JW family about 30 years ago in Daytona it happened to, even with a big fence around the pool. But to try to hide something that is tragic with this kind of stunt? Gasping at straws.

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